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Cultural History

Examining history as a mix of fact and fiction.

Graham Hadlow watercolour workshop

A workshop run by local artist, Graham Hadlow. Each workshop has a different theme or area of specialism i.e. Blue sky and cloud; reflections, snow scenes; winter trees; sunsets; cottages and perspective; beaches and breakers, etc...

History - Rebellion

This ten week course explores some of the most dramatic uprisings in British and Welsh history, such as the Peasant’s Revolt of 1381, the 16th century Pilgrimage of Grace, the Merthyr and Newport Risings of 1831 and 1839, the Rebecca riots and more. What prompted these outbreaks, who was involved and did they achieve their hoped-for aims?

History - The Hapsburgs

A ten week course that explores the rise of the Hapsburgs, their growing influence in the medieval world, their domination of central Europe and the reasons for their eventual downfall. As well as their establishment of a mighty empire, the course also dips into the personal stories of some of those who wore the Imperial Crown of the Holy Roman Empire.

History of the Welsh People

This course teaches the history of the Welsh - which is older and geographically broader than the history of the country we call Wales. The course is taught in English although the tutor is a Welsh speaker.

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