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Art in historical practice and context

This course looks at techniques used by artists through the past and aims to bring them to the classroom, e.g. egg tempera painting was used before oil paint. There were also subtle techniques with the different old master artists such as underpainting and use of glazes.

Cultural History

Examining history as a mix of fact and fiction.

Graham Hadlow watercolour workshop

A workshop run by local artist, Graham Hadlow. Each workshop has a different theme or area of specialism i.e. Blue sky and cloud; reflections, snow scenes; winter trees; sunsets; cottages and perspective; beaches and breakers, etc...

History - Determined Ladies

This course explores the lives of women who refused to accept the role allocated to them by the society of their time and who fought to improve the conditions of all their fellow humans.

History - Explorers

This course delves into the exploits and lives of explorers - famous and not so well known, who have added to our knowledge of the world, its people and cultures.

History - Local history

Various aspects of local history as defined in the course description

History of Art

Learn about the origins of art, the emergence of art from other cultures and various styles and artists throughout the centuries.

Reading the Mabinogion

During the course we will read the Mabinogion in the original Middle Welsh. We will use the book Pedeir Keinc Y Mabinogi by Ifor Williams. We will also use one or more translations into English, and, for some, a version in Modern Welsh, and grammar books. Information about these books will be provided during the first session. Each week we will read and discuss a short portion of text. The course is suitable for those who do not speak or read Welsh. Any discussion in the class will be in English, or in Welsh and English.

Yoga - Vinyasa Flow

A powerful and challenging style of yoga which involves transitioning from one pose to another. Time will be spent on the hands and knees as well as in standing and balancing poses. The sessions will build from the bottom up giving participants time to navigate the movement whilst developing greater strength and mobility along the way. Session will include relaxation; expect the usual ‘yoga glow’ feeling at the end!

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