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Cultural History

Examining history as a mix of fact and fiction.

Graham Hadlow watercolour workshop

A workshop run by local artist, Graham Hadlow. Each workshop has a different theme or area of specialism i.e. Blue sky and cloud; reflections, snow scenes; winter trees; sunsets; cottages and perspective; beaches and breakers, etc...

Hanes y Cymry

This course is taught through the medium of Welsh Mae'r cwrs hwn yn sôn am hanes y Cymry - sydd yn henach ac yn ehangach na thiriogaeth Cymru ei hunan. Mae e'n sôn am ein hanes ni o 55 C.C. tan heddiw. Mae'r cwrs yn cael ei ddysgu yn y Gymraeg ac yn addas i Gymry Cymraeg a dysgwyr Cymraeg lefelau Canolradd 2 ac Uwch.

History - Tudor Life

This course explores the day-to-day life of people in the Tudor era, including the aristocracy, the merchant classes and the poorer members of society; what they ate, how they dressed, their religious beliefs, superstitions, entertainments, life in urban and rural settings and much more.

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