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Emergency First Aid

Suitable for those already working or for those preparing to work. This course aims to enable the learner to understand the role and responsibilities of a first aider, also to assess and administer initial first aid in an emergency situation. Learners are required to be 16 or over. Accreditation available.

Family history using a computer

An introduction to the research skills and knowledge necessary to retrieve family history information and access family history related primary source records, by the use of the internet. Designed for those wishing to continue family research using the internet. This course offers an opportunity to further develop skills in a supportive environment.

First aid for parents

Suitable for anyone interested in saving a life. This course will enable participants to act safely, promptly and efficiently in an emergency.

First steps with computers

This is a course for those who have never used a computer but who would like to have a go. First steps with computers aims to develop some of the basic skills required to begin using a computer i.e. Word processing and the Internet. This is a course for complete beginners who want to learn at their own pace in a friendly, relaxed environment. Accreditation available.

Floral design

Make seasonal decorations

French - Year 1

This course aims to give students a basic understanding of the structure of the language and to enable them to use the language effectively in a number of everyday situations in a French speaking country. This course is suitable for those who have little or no knowledge of the language

French - Year 2

This course aims to develop student’s understanding of the French language and enable them to confidently deal with a range of situations and converse on a range of topics, including the past and the future. Students should have followed a course at introductory level or should have some experience of studying/speaking the language

French - Year 3

This intermediate level course is aimed at those who have a firm basic knowledge of the language. Further develop communication skills using a range of tenses, grammar and vocabulary. Students should have completed a course at introductory level or should have 1-2 years experience of studying the language

French - Year 4

This course is aimed at those who have studied the language for 2-3 years and wish to practise their speaking, listening, reading and writing skills in the language at a higher level.

French - Year 5+

This course aims to further develop language skills through study of advanced grammar, contemporary texts and recordings and aspects of modern culture. Improve fluency and comprehension in an open and friendly atmosphere. Students should have studied the language for a minimum of 3-4 years.

French conversation - advanced

This course enables learners to maintain their spoken French language skills in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. Reading, listening and speaking skills will be developed through topic based activities and discussion of current affairs, literature and French culture. This course is suitable for those who are already reasonably fluent in the language.

Furniture restoration for beginners

How to reconstruct furniture. Learn how to use tools effectively. Cleaning & polishing furniture. How to follow plans and make cutting lists. How to mark joints correctly.

Holiday French

This course aims to give learners essential survival skills in the language needed to enjoy and make the most of a stay in a French speaking country. Develop a practical understanding of the basics of the language and learn to communicate successfully in a range of situations. Suitable for learners with little or no knowledge of the language
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