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Art - Drawing the body

Several different media will be used during the course of the session to create a variety of pictures based on different poses and postures. The importance of observation and developing a sense of proportion will be prioritized throughout the session.

Art - Early British watercolour techniques

Learners will look at the work of great late 18th and early 19th century watercolourists including Turner, Thomas Girtin and John Sell Cotman. Learners will learn skills to develop satisfying compositions and creating convincing landscapes in the early 19th century style.

Art - Oil painting

This course is for those who wish to learn about oil painting. The subjects covered include: materials, preparing the paper, masses, values, light & shadow, atmospheric perspective, colour theory and composition. During the first term the subject matter will be still life, the second term will cover portraits and the final term landscapes. It is advisable to attend all three terms to have the full benefit of this course, but not essential if you have prior experience.

Willow basketry

Willow Basketry courses provide an introduction to the basic techniques of basket making. Once students have made a round basket, they can progressively work their way through to more complex bases and weaves. Usually two baskets will be made during a 4 or 5 week course. Students that attend further courses can progress to shopping baskets and log baskets, then venturing into oval baskets and square work. Suitable for beginners and improvers, these courses are very popular, whether you just want to attend one series or several. All willow is provided, much of it grown locally in Pembrokeshire. Students need to bring some basic tools: a good pair of secateurs, a water spray bottle, a good knife (advice given on first session), a bodkin or similar, and a weight or stone (an old iron is very suitable, or beach stone weighing 1-2kg). Materials are charged by amount of willow used; usually between £6 - £10 per basket.

Yoga - Relaxation, breath, meditation & sound

Can be done in a chair or on a yoga mat. Be guided through basic relaxation, breath and easy to follow meditation techniques, session finishes with a guided full body relaxation known as Yoga Nidra. Session will benefit all, especially those who need to manage stress markers.

Yoga Light

A gentle class in which you explore all the aspects of traditional yoga, from movement and posture (asana) to breathing and relaxation. Beginners are welcome as well as people who consider themselves 'out of practice'. The aim is to encourage mobility and to teach stress relief and mental relaxation techniques - so, a calmer, healthier and more relaxed you.

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