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Filming & Video Editing for Beginners

This course takes you step by step through the basics of editing video footage using editing software and offers tips and tricks on how to get better films from your device. Maybe you film on your phone or your camera? Whatever you use this course will help you improve your filming skills and show you how to import footage, make it into a story and add transitions. The course will guide you through the technical and creative process helping bring your video to life.

Willow basketry

Introduction to willow weaving techniques. This course is tailored to what learners wish to do. Normally everyone starts off with a small basket, then they can move on to other things eg pea climbers, or carry on developing their basketry skills. Willow materials charged by the size/number of items made, usually £5 for a small basket up to £10 for a large one. Learners are welcome to bring their own prepared willow. Please bring to class: Secateurs, a weight eg large stone and water sprayer bottle. A craft knife is handy but not essential.

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