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Belly dancing

To introduce students to a range of belly dance moves. Improves fitness & balance and facilitates creative physical expression.

Book making workshop

Make a complete book with hard covers and a stitched and covered spine, suitable for use as a sketchbook, notebook, diary or journal. Learn techniques for including storage pockets or envelopes, place markers and retaining ribbons for closure. During this one day workshop participants will complete an A5 size book filled with drawing quality paper.

Bushcraft Spoon Carving

Safe and effective use of hand tools to produce practical wooden spoons, spatulas and ladles. This course covers: properties of suitable wood, tree identification, correct pruning & sustainable harvesting; splitting logs and preparing blanks using an axe; efficient carving techniques using a knife, axe and a crooked knife; tool maintenance/safety and after treatment of finished items.

Jewellery making with beads

Students will be learning techniques to create a variety of jewellery styles with wire and beads.
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