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The partnership is led by the local authority and includes representatives from the public sector, the voluntary sector and the independent sector with interests in: social care provision, training, careers, children's services, health & wellbeing, and supporting service users and carers.

Sue Swan: Learning and Development Manager

Email: Sue.swan@pemborkeshire.gov.uk

Phone: 01437 776410

Allison John: Training Co-Ordinator

Email: Allison.John@pembrokeshire.gov.uk

Phone: 01437 776060

Diana O’Sullivan: SCWWDP Partnership Co-Ordinator

Email: Diana.O’Sullivan@pembrokeshire.gov.uk

Phone: 01437 776072

Annie Easton: Practice Learning Co-Ordinator

Email: Annie.Easton@pembrokeshire.gov.uk

Phone: 01437 776086

Gillian Henton: Workforce Planning Officer

Email: HentonG@pembrokeshire.gov.uk

Phone: 01437 776057

Martin Stenning: SCWWDP Administrator

Email: Martin.Stenning@pembrokeshire.gov.uk

Phone: 01437 776195

Daniel Jenkins: SCWWDP Administration Assistant

Email: Daniel.Jenkins@pembrokeshire.gov.uk

Phone:01437 776052




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