School Attendance and Pupil Welfare

Child Protection

We all share a responsibility to ensure that children are protected from harm.

All public and voluntary bodies in Pembrokeshire are committed to safeguarding the welfare of children and young people and staff of these bodies are aware of their duties to ensure that children are protected. Regular training is provided for teachers and school governors with responsibility for child protection.

School staff are required to follow the All Wales Child Protection Procedures which have been locally endorsed by the Pembrokeshire Local Safeguarding Children Board. These procedures are to be followed if you suspect that a child is at risk of being abused, or if a child tells you that they are being abused, or if you receive any information about any adult being involved in abuse of a child. Copies are available in all schools.

If you suspect that a child or young person is at risk:

  • never assume that somebody else will report when children are at risk
  • never delay passing your concerns to someone in a position to ensure that a proper investigation takes place
  • do not worry that you may be wrong - it is better to discuss your concerns with someone who has the experience to make an assessment

If you have any worries about children who may be at risk of harm and you want to discuss this with us please telephone the duty officer on the number below.  If you think a child is in immediate danger ring 999.

If a child tells you that they or another child or young person is being abused:

  • show that you accept what they say and are taking their allegations seriously
  • encourage the child to talk, but do not ask leading questions or prompt them
  • explain what action you will take (i.e. following the advice in this section)
  • do not give an undertaking of absolute confidentiality as you will have to disclose information to those who need to know
  • write down what they have told you, using exact words if possible
  • do not confront the alleged abuser

Types of abuse are defined as follows:

Emotional: The persistent emotional ill-treatment of a child such as to cause severe and persistent adverse effects of the child's emotional and behavioural development.

Neglect: The persistent or severe neglect of a child or the failure to protect a child from exposure to any kind of danger or extreme failure to carry out important aspects of care, resulting in significant impairment of the child's health or development.

Physical: The hitting, shaking, throwing, poisoning, burning, scalding, drowning, suffocating or otherwise causing physical harm to a child.

Sexual: Forcing or enticing a child or young person to take part in sexual activities, whether or not the child is aware of what is happening, including

  • physical contact, including penetrative or non penetrative acts
  • non contact activities involving children in looking at, or in the production of pornographic material or watching sexual activities or
  • encouraging children to behave in sexually inappropriate ways.

(Source: Working Together to Safeguard Children under the Children Act 1989 and Children Act 2004)


Important telephone numbers:

Child Care Duty Officer 01437 776 322 or 01437 776 325

Social Care out of hours team 08708 509 508 

Police 0845 330 2000 or 999 in an emergency 

NSPCC Cymru 0808 056 0566


For further information please contact:

Child Care Assessment Team
Pembrokeshire County Council
County Hall
SA61 1TP

Tel: 01437 776 322 or 01437 776 325

Fax: 01437 776 337


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