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School Attendance and Pupil Welfare

Child Employment

Pembrokeshire County Council believes that young people of compulsory school age can benefit from experience gained in undertaking part time work, providing that this work is suitable and there are proper safeguards in place. The Council has a set of byelaws setting out the conditions under which young people can be employed. These legal requirements ensure that the young people are properly registered, and are not being exploited or undertaking work that could damage their health, place them in physical danger or have an adverse effect on their education.

The official date for leaving school is the last Friday in June in the school year in which the pupil is 16. Before this date young people between the ages of 13 and 16 must have a work permit if they wish to do part time work. An application form must be completed and signed by the parents and the employer, and submitted to the Licensing Officer at the Pupil Support Service for approval. If the type of work is suitable, and the hours to be worked are within the stipulated limits, a work permit will be issued.

Child Employment guides for employers, parents and pupils and the Application Form can be downloaded from the links below. The byelaws can be obtained on request from the Licensing Officer.

Child Performance Licence

The legislation governing children in entertainment covers children from birth to statutory school leaving age (the last Friday in June of the school year in which a child reaches 16 years of age).

The requirement to licence:

The legislation requires Performance Licences to be issued by each Local Authority to children who take part in the following categories:

  • A live broadcast or recorded performance for example, a television or radio programme or film.
  • A theatre performance where a charge is made
  • Any performance on licensed premises
  • Child modelling and sport where the child or any other person is paid (other than payment for expenses)

The person responsible for the production of the performance in which a child is taking part is the person who should make the application for the licence.

The application must be made to Pembrokeshire County Council who will process the application.

When does a child NOT need a licence to perform?

  • If the child performs for only 4 days in any 6 month period and they do not need time off school to undertake the performance
  • If a child takes part in their full time school performance (this is an educational school not a school of dance).
  • Performances put on by a ‘Body of Persons'
  • Any activity that the Local Authority does not consider to be a performance such as a child being interviewed or filmed whilst taking part in some normal activity not specifically arranged for the purpose such as doing school lessons, playing in the park
  • If the activity is directed in any way it may be reviewed and converted into a performance.

If a Child Performance Licence is not required we still request that the organiser of the performance/show register all children taking part.  This allows us to keep a register of all Pembrokeshire children taking part in a performance.  Even if a licence is not required most of the rules and regulations still apply.

Completed application forms together with all documentation needs to be submitted to the Business Support Unit, 21 days prior to the date for which they are required.  The Local Authority must be satisfied that arrangements for the supervision and protection of the child are adequate and that the disruption to the child's education is kept to a minimum, prior to granting a licence.  The person who applies for the licence will be the licence holder and will be responsible for ensuring the conditions of the licence are met.

The Performance Licence Application form can be downloaded by clicking the link. Child Performance License Application Form

Additional information, the criteria for licensing and further advice can be obtained by emailing

If you need to speak to someone regarding Child Performance Licensing, you can contact Youth Admin on 01437 775813.

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