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Street Pastors

2009 saw the launch of a new initiative, Street Pastors, in Haverfordwest  

This is a project that was pioneered in London in 2003 and has seen some remarkable results, including a significant drop in crime in many areas.

The project is set up by the Ascension Trust and run by local coordinators with support from a number of local agencies. The Pastors are volunteers trained to care for others, especially young people, who find themselves in need of help or assistance in the town centre late at night. This can include something as simple as providing a bottle of water, a warm blanket or a safe taxi ride home.

There are currently 26 Street Pastors in Haverfordwest who are available on Saturday nights between the hours of 9pm and 3am.  As of October 2014 there are also 20 Street Pastors in Pembroke available on either Friday or Saturday nights. Street Pastors receive training on topics such as drug and alcohol awareness and conflict resolution. Funding to deliver this training has been provided from a number of local sources, including Safer Pembrokeshire and various local churches.  Street Pastors wear a distinctive uniform with reflective wording to ensure they are clearly identifiable.

Further information on the initiative can be found on the Street Pastors website

Contact Details 

Haverfordwest Street Pastors

Sam Scadden

07929 402216

Pembroke Street Pastors

Lyn Edwards

01646 683613

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