Safer Pembrokeshire

Preventing Violent Extremism

In 2006, the Government published CONTEST, the United Kingdom's long term strategy for countering terrorism.  This strategy is organised around four key work streams;

  • Pursue - to stop terrorist attacks
  • Prevent - to stop people becoming terrorists or supporting terrorism
  • Protect - to strengthen our protection against a terrorist attack
  • Prepare - to mitigate the impact of a terrorist attack

Although such occurrences are rare, partner agencies in Pembrokeshire are focused on ensuring that the CONTEST functions become part of everyday business. The identification of individuals who may be vulnerable to exploitation from extremist groups is as important as identifying those vulnerable to violence or those with health-related issues. For this reason, regular training sessions are held for groups such as school staff and governors and key professionals working with vulnerable individuals within the County to raise awareness of the Prevent strand of the CONTEST agenda. 

Prevent will also be a core training activity for Pembrokeshire County Council staff from 2015. In addition, an ongoing schedule of multi-agency emergency planning exercises in partnership with our main industrial providers is followed to ensure that plans are in place to provide the most effective response to any incidents that do occur.

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