Safer Pembrokeshire

Integrated Offender Management

Pembrokeshire Cleddau Project

The Pembrokeshire Cleddau Project is an Integrated Offender Management (IOM) project which is a partnership involving Police, National Probation Service, Wales Community Rehabilitation Company, Youth Offending and Prevention Team, the Local Authority and many other agencies that offer clients support and encouragement to stay out of trouble.  This partnership approach is reliant upon the participation of external agencies and the sharing of information between all those involved.

How the scheme works

A multi-agency group will case manage the individual, assess their needs and address the issues that make them offend.  An action plan will be developed to help solve these issues, which may include;

  • Substance Misuse
  • Accommodation
  • Work and Training
  • Basic and Life Skills
  • Problem Solving Skills

Individuals on the scheme will be subject to police monitoring based on the individual's criminal activity, with the intention of reducing the rate of reoffending.


To reduce the number of offences committed in Pembrokeshire by targeting IOMs and thereby helping to protect the public by limiting the harm to victims within the community.

To develop in the IOMs a sense of personal responsibility by encouraging them to improve their life skills and increase their levels of victim empathy.


  1. Identify IOM offenders within the area and inform them of their status
  2. Improve compliance by encouraging engagement with the scheme
  3. Provide a multi-agency support network in order to bring about changes in their lifestyle and behaviour
  4. Exchange information and intelligence with partner organisations to reduce the potential rate and seriousness of reoffending
  5. Ensure a swift response to any relapse, be that reoffending or non-compliance

Human Rights compliance

The principle of the scheme has been developed to adhere to the principles of legality, necessity, relevance and proportionality, particularly in regards to;

Article 6 - The right to a fair trial

Article 5 - The right to liberty

Article 8 - Respect for private and family life

ID: 2874, revised 20/04/2023