Pembrokeshire Agreed Syllabus for Religion, Values and Ethics

Preface – Director of Education

I am delighted to introduce the Pembrokeshire Agreed Syllabus for Religion, Values and Ethics (RVE) to support all schools' development of a pluralistic, critical and objective curriculum. Undoubtedly, high-quality RVE will play a significant role in realising the four purposes and I know that schools will be mindful of their duties in line with legislation and learner entitlement described within this syllabus. 

We will need to evaluate how well this syllabus supports schools in fulfilling these expectations, and make adjustments as needed. Ongoing professional learning support will be informed by schools' views and suggestions. I ask that schools make good use of the range of communication channels available to ensure their voices inform our planning and support. This includes contacting the Pembrokeshire Standing Advisory Council for RVE (SACRVE) who have a legal responsibility to monitor the quality of RVE provision and standards within the county, and to provide advice and guidance.

I ask that all Headteachers include a short evaluation in their termly report to governors about their school's progress with RVE, including if any additional support would be useful. This will enable SACRVE to maintain an overview of progress and provide the necessary level of support.  It will be particularly useful if schools can share examples of their strongest practice with regards to RVE and its impact on learners, so that SACRVE can showcase this work and share it with others to stimulate thinking. We anticipate reviewing this syllabus in 2023, following feedback from all schools.

I look forward to hearing of a diverse range of dynamic and meaningful learning experiences that enable learners of all ages to better understand our world and to make it an even better place.

Steven Richards-Downes

Director for Education

Forward from Pembs SACRVE

RVE within the curriculum for Wales

Legal requirements

The Welsh Government RVE Guidance

Census 2011

The co-construction of the agreed syllabus

Aims of RVE

Suggested guidance on time allocation

Objectives of the agreed syllabus

Teaching and Learning in RVE




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