Rural Development Plan

Local Development Strategy

The LDS is a strategy and a number of long term visions which are set out to enhance Pembrokeshire.

The Pembrokeshire Advance partnership agree that all the vision statements have something to say about what we are seeking to achieve in Pembrokeshire, and the RDP should have a real and lasting contribution towards these visions. The RDP projects are also designed to link in with the LDS.

We are currently on Business Plan 2 which has 2 projects running throughout Pembrokeshire, covering wide social, economic sectors.

Alongside these two projects, Pembrokeshire still has 6 projects from Business Plan 1 which are due to finish on the 30th November 2011. Projects receive up to 80% funding from RDP/EU/WG and project sponsors are responsible for sourcing the remaining match funding/ gap filling.

ID: 2594, revised 24/03/2022