Road Safety

Booster Seat Rules

The changes in the safety standard will mean that all newly produced booster cushions will be illegal to use for children under 22kg and shorter than 125cm.

However, if your child is over 22kg and 125cm they will be able to use them.

What if you already have a booster cushion?

If you already own a booster cushion which states it conforms to ECE R44/04 Group 2 – 15kg minimum weight, then it will still be legal for you to use with a child who is 15kg or heavier.

A booster cushion offers no head, side or upper body protection; it is not the safest option for such a young body.

And when there is a safer option of a high backed booster seat which does have these safety features it would make sense to encourage parents to use these.


ID: 10557, revised 14/09/2023