Road Safety

Biker Down

As bikers tend to ride in groups or pairs, it is usually the case that when one is involved in an accident the first person on the scene will be a fellow biker. Biker Down! aims to reduce the number of motorcyclists killed and seriously injured in road accidents and is delivered by Operational Firefighters / the Fire Bike Team from Mid and West Wales Fire and Rescue Service.

The course comprises of three modules:

  • Managing an Accident Scene
  • First Aid
  • The Science of Being Seen

The course will give participants a better understanding of what to do if they come across a road traffic collision and how to manage it safely.


How much does the course cost?

Thanks to Road Safety Grant funding from Welsh Government the course is Free of charge. On completion of the course the participants will get a free first aid kit.


When are the courses running?

  • 22nd May 2024
  • 4th September 2024
  • 10th February 2025
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