Road Maintenance

Street Lighting - Repair

To report a broken streetlight inform us via My Account

If you need to phone through the fault, please call 01437 764551 and provide as much information about the location of the light as possible. 

Every street light unit has its own identification number. This consists of black numerals on a white background 3 or 4 numbers horizontal and 3 or 4 numbers vertical like this.

Using this I.D number we can locate exactly where the street light is, and look at the complete history of the faulty unit. 

The majority of calls received will be for street lights, however, all signs and bollards have the same type of I.D number.

If the I.D number has been removed or faded over time, we will need as much information as possible to locate the defective street lighting unit such as

  • Address of nearest house to the defective unit
  • Post code
  • Telephone number of caller
  • If on a corner of a street we will need to the know the 2 streets etc.

All reports are prioritised as follows: 

  • Priority 1's are classed as a section out (whole street), any traffic lights or pelican crossings, unstable street lighting columns, or any street lighting column that has been knocked down. Priority 1's are dealt with on the same day.
  • Priority 3's are classed as streetlights that are individually out. Priority 3's are given a target date of 7 working days. 

Street lighting reduced

Pembrokeshire County Council reduces the hours of street lighting in a bid to cut down on carbon emissions and save money

We switch off around 14,000 street lights between the hours of midnight and 5.30am.

None of the County's 16,250 street lights will be permanently turned off, while areas of high night time pedestrian activity (such as town centres) and busy traffic routes will be excluded from the move for health and safety concerns.

Part night lights can be identified by a yellow reflective band attached to the street lights.

For more information please telephone 01437 764551

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