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Renewing your vows

If you have already contracted a marriage or civil partnership and wish to celebrate and renew your vows in a unique and personal way, this ceremony could be right for you.

It is an opportunity to celebrate a special anniversary, to re-affirm the vows made at a wedding or civil partnership which may have taken place in another country when family and friends could not be present, or simply to re-affirm your commitment to each other.

Unlike a marriage or civil partnership, this alternative ceremony has no legal status, but it is intended to be of deep personal significance.

What happens in the ceremony?

You are able to give your promises to each other, exchange rings and invite your guests to participate in the ceremony. A commemorative certificate is presented to mark the occasion.

Who can renew their vows?

Any married couple or civil partners, of any age and married or civil partners for any length of time, can arrange a renewal of vows ceremony. You do not have to live in Pembrokeshire to arrange a ceremony in the county.

Where can renewal of vows ceremonies be held?

We offer Renewal of Vows ceremonies in the Register Office and at Approved Premises within the county.

What documents need to be produced?

Your marriage or civil partnership certificate must be produced when booking the ceremony.  

Our dedicated registration staff are here to offer support, advice and help to create your perfect day.

ID: 92, revised 22/02/2023