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Citizenship Ceremonies

The Citizenship Ceremony is the final step in the process of becoming a British citizen. The ceremony celebrates the significance of becoming a British citizen, and welcomes new citizens into the community.

If your application to become a British Citizen is successful, and you are 18 or over, you are required by law to attend a Citizenship Ceremony. If you are applying for citizenship for children, please note that there is no legal requirement for applicants under the age of eighteen to attend a Citizenship Ceremony.

In Pembrokeshire, Citizenship Ceremonies are held approximately once every six weeks, the number of ceremonies depends on the number of citizens processed by the Home Office. Ceremonies are held in Pembrokeshire Register Office which is located in the Pembrokeshire Archives building in Haverfordwest.

At the ceremony, each citizen will make an oath or affirmation of allegiance to His Majesty the King, and a pledge of loyalty to the United Kingdom.

The Superintendent Registrar, or her Deputy, will conduct the ceremony, which lasts about an hour and each citizen  will receive their naturalisation certificate, which proves they are a British citizen with the right to have a British passport and to vote. Both the Welsh and British National anthems are played during the ceremony. New citizens will also be presented with a welcome pack from UK Visas and Immigration and a commemorative gift.

Arranging your ceremony

New citizens will receive an email or letter from UK Visas and Immigration informing them that their application has been completed. If you live in Pembrokeshire, or stated in your application form that you wish to have your Citizenship Ceremony in Pembrokeshire, UK Visas and Immigration will send us your naturalisation certificate.

Once you have received this letter you can contact us to arrange your ceremony. You may invite guests to accompany you.

What documents do I need to bring to my Citizenship Ceremony?

You will need to bring your UK Visas and Immigration citizenship invitation email or letter.

Are there any costs for attending a group Citizenship Ceremony?

There is no charge for attending a group ceremony. However, if you would like a private ceremony, where you can invite more guests, a fee will apply (please see below).

Private Citizenship Ceremony

If you want to celebrate obtaining British Citizenship in a more personal way, or cannot attend a group ceremony, we can arrange a private ceremony for you. Ceremonies can be held at the Register Office, where you can invite up to 10 guests. Private ceremonies can also be held at Approved Premises (see list of premises approved for Civil Ceremonies).

How much does a Private Ceremony Cost?

  • Ceremony Room, Pembrokeshire Archives, Haverfordwest: £90.00 (Monday-Thursday) £250.00 (Friday & Saturday)

  • Approved Premises: £527.00 (Monday-Thursday) £587.00 (Friday & Saturday)

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