Regeneration Project Plans

Haverfordwest Brand Toolkit

Haverfordwest is enjoying a time of significant investment, which will bring attention and people to the town.  

This new visual brand identity toolkit has been created to help promote and unite Haverfordwest. It positions this great county town in its rightful place at the heart of Pembrokeshire. 

The toolkit is for: 

  • Businesses
  • Local projects 

It has been developed with a lot of help from the people, businesses and organisations of Haverfordwest and by using it you can show your pride in, and belonging to, Haverfordwest. 

In the toolkit you will find:

  • The brand manual - how the identity was created and how you can use it 
  • The logo files you can use for print and online 
  • The fonts, so your words follow the same style 
  • The colours and patterns that will bring your projects to life 

Download the brand identity toolkit 

Note: Once the zip file has downloaded you will need to open the folder and then extract all the files from the zip folder so you can use the assets. Look along the top of the task bar there is a button that says ‘Extract all’.

Haverfordwest Brand Guidelines

We hope you will be inspired to show your pride and support for Haverfordwest. 

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Pembrokeshire Recovery and Regeneration Strategy 2020-2030

This strategy combines our economic restart and recovery plans in response to the Covid 19 pandemic with our longer term renewal and regeneration approach and outlines our plans over the next five years to reach our pre-pandemic platform and move beyond it. Our plans are necessarily ambitious aiming to achieve recovery and move to a stronger economic position than that which we had in March 2020. This is a continuation of previous policies, drawn together in one place. Some of the programmes we were pursuing pre-COVID 19 already took future economic and social trends into account. Needs for these approaches have been catalysed and escalated during the pandemic and have indicated that we were and are on the right path and include:

  • Early recognition of the importance of really fast broadband to compete with cities, backed up with investment in the capital programme;
  • Housing growth targets in the LDP anticipating more home working and deurbanisation;
  • New approaches around localism and resilience, particularly in local food production as well as growth in interest in green energy and sustainable transport supporting the Swansea Bay City Deal trajectory.

The approach described in this document is designed for a ten-year period (with three year reviews). At the end of the document however is a ‘live’ and time bound action plan. This will be used to steer progress and keep projects relevant and on track. This latter document will therefore be continually reviewed and will change to reflect current circumstances

Pembrokeshire Recovery and Regeneration Strategy 2020-2030

ID: 7703, revised 24/05/2023

South Quay Regeneration

South Quay Redevelopment

As part of Pembrokeshire County Council’s regeneration programme, an ambitious project has been launched to redevelop the historic and prominent South Quay site next to Pembroke Castle. Currently planned as two phases, together the developments will provide a diverse and sustainable mix of new uses in the town.


Phase 1

The first phase of the South Quay redevelopment is funded by the Welsh Government’s Transforming Towns programme and will celebrate the town’s legacy as the birthplace of the Tudor dynasty creating:

  • a Henry Tudor visitor centre
  • library, information centre and café
  • landscaped gardens.

Please see below links and images for further information.  We will aim to update on a regular basis accordingly.


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Phase 2

The second phase, ‘the Pembrokeshire Hwb’, is funded by the UK Government’s Levelling Up programme and involves the completion of South Quay’s regeneration scheme, centring on numbers 7 and 8 Northgate Street. It will provide:

  • a community hub over three storeys, including a space for day opportunities , space for digital media, art and heritage craft activities, and learning and skills areas to support independent living for people of all ages
  • environmental enhancements, including the restoration of the buildings, a new sunken garden and improvements to the parking area at South Quay
  • improved access between the Henry Tudor visitor centre and the waterfront

Support of employment opportunities will also be integrated within the operation of the new facility.

30.01.2023 - South Quay Consultation - Comments and Responses

Please see below links and images for further information.  We will update on a regular basis accordingly.


South Quay Regeneration Scheme Pre-Application Consultation Launched

Press release 3 December 2021

South Quay Public Consultation Engagement event re-scheduled for 30th January

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Haverfordwest Regeneration

Our Regeneration development plans are presented below. We will look to update on a regular basis as well when new plans are released.

Western Quayside Enhancement

Haverfordwest Public Transport Interchange

Haverfordwest Castle Redevelopment

Western Quayside Enhancement

Exciting Transformational Development in Heart of Haverfordwest

PCC and key partners are developing this ambitious regeneration project to help drive footfall to the town, aiming to support business growth and the wider regeneration of the County town centre. This is an integral part of the Authority’s vision to revitalise the Haverfordwest town centre. 

The former Ocky White department store has in part been demolished with the remaining structure being refurbished and extended to create ‘Western Quayside’ a modern and stylish accessible to all three- storey development . It feature a multi-user food emporium along with a restaurant, bar and roof-top terrace.

Pembrokeshire County Council, the Welsh Government Transforming Towns programme and the Building for the Future programme through the European Regional Development Fund, are funding the scheme.

Significant Archeological Discovery

During the construction works, significant archaeological findings were unearthed which required an extensive archaeological excavation of the site, this is currently being undertaken by Dyfed Archaeological Trust (DAT) who have already uncovered many interesting and important discoveries, including historic artefacts and human burials dating back to the 14th Century AD. This work is a great opportunity for the dig team and the public to find out more about an area in the town that has significant historical value.

A former 19th to 20th century iron foundry once occupied the site but below that emerging evidence of a cemetery is coming to light, a cemetery believed to be associated with the medieval friary of St. Saviour’s, whose exact location has never been ascertained.


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