Regeneration Project Plans

Haverfordwest Brand Toolkit

Haverfordwest is enjoying a time of significant investment, which will bring attention and people to the town.  

This new visual brand identity toolkit has been created to help promote and unite Haverfordwest. It positions this great county town in its rightful place at the heart of Pembrokeshire. 

The toolkit is for: 

  • Businesses
  • Local projects 

It has been developed with a lot of help from the people, businesses and organisations of Haverfordwest and by using it you can show your pride in, and belonging to, Haverfordwest. 

In the toolkit you will find:

  • The brand manual - how the identity was created and how you can use it 
  • The logo files you can use for print and online 
  • The fonts, so your words follow the same style 
  • The colours and patterns that will bring your projects to life 

Download the brand identity toolkit 

Note: Once the zip file has downloaded you will need to open the folder and then extract all the files from the zip folder so you can use the assets. Look along the top of the task bar there is a button that says ‘Extract all’.

Haverfordwest Brand Guidelines

We hope you will be inspired to show your pride and support for Haverfordwest. 

ID: 10402, revised 21/08/2023