Regeneration Project Plans

Pembrokeshire Recovery and Regeneration Strategy 2020-2030

This strategy combines our economic restart and recovery plans in response to the Covid 19 pandemic with our longer term renewal and regeneration approach and outlines our plans over the next five years to reach our pre-pandemic platform and move beyond it. Our plans are necessarily ambitious aiming to achieve recovery and move to a stronger economic position than that which we had in March 2020. This is a continuation of previous policies, drawn together in one place. Some of the programmes we were pursuing pre-COVID 19 already took future economic and social trends into account. Needs for these approaches have been catalysed and escalated during the pandemic and have indicated that we were and are on the right path and include:

  • Early recognition of the importance of really fast broadband to compete with cities, backed up with investment in the capital programme;
  • Housing growth targets in the LDP anticipating more home working and deurbanisation;
  • New approaches around localism and resilience, particularly in local food production as well as growth in interest in green energy and sustainable transport supporting the Swansea Bay City Deal trajectory.

The approach described in this document is designed for a ten-year period (with three year reviews). At the end of the document however is a ‘live’ and time bound action plan. This will be used to steer progress and keep projects relevant and on track. This latter document will therefore be continually reviewed and will change to reflect current circumstances

Pembrokeshire Recovery and Regeneration Strategy 2020-2030

ID: 7703, revised 24/05/2023