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Ain't nothing like the real thing baby...

Your baby will have around 2000 nappy changes a year from birth to potty (around 2 ½ years). That's around 5,000 disposable nappies and equates to 156 black bags, weighing approximately the same as a family car!

Really making a change!

More and more parents are switching to real nappies as they realise they are easy to use and cost effective.

Long gone are the days of boil washing and soaking - you can wash real nappies at 60°C in a normal household washing machine. In terms of wash loads using real nappies only amounts to two wash loads a week. 

With washable or biodegradable liners and popper or velcro fastenings real nappies are easy to use!  So with no nappy pins in sight there is less mess and less fuss. 

Using real nappies could save you £500 for you first child, and even more for any future children as they can easily be re-used.

Real baby benefits!

Real nappies keep babies hips apart at the right angle.  Babies in real nappies should potty train much earlier because of the association between being wet and emptying their bladder.

Real options!

There are a number of different real nappies and folds available so it is easy to choose the best one for your baby.  

Real facts:

  • Pembrokeshire County Council disposes of approximately 3.4 million nappies a year!
  • It can take hundreds of years for disposable nappies to biodegrade in a landfill site!
  • If a family with one baby switched to real nappies their household rubbish would be halved!

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Your questions answered

What are the benefits of using real nappies?

  • Using naturally soft  fabrics  which are breathable against your baby's delicate skin
  • Only approximately 20 real nappies are required as opposed to 4000 disposable ones.
  • Cotton nappies can be reused or even recycled
  • Using real nappies reduces the amount of waste sent to landfill. It also reduces the amount of energy and non- renewable sources used in the manufacturing of disposable nappies.

Are they safe and hygienic?

Yes, generally laundry services launder to NHS and Publicly Available Specification106 (PAS). If home laundering, washing at 60ºc is sufficient to give a good clean.

Do Real Nappies leak?

No more than disposables. Make sure all labels are tucked inside the waterproof wraps.

Can they be used at night?

Yes, but as your baby grows you may need to use an extra booster layer.

Are they suitable for new born babies?

Yes, but it is advisable to check the sizes. Some manufacturers size 1 real nappies start from 6lb in birth weight.

Do you need to change the baby more frequently?

No.  Changes will be the same whether using disposable or real nappies.  Flat nappies can be folded in a variety of ways to help keep the contents in place!

Do they cause nappy rash?

No, there is no evidence to suggest this. Nappy rash can be caused by infrequent nappy changes. Other factors that might cause nappy rash include teething, weaning or general sickness.

Do real nappies take longer to change?

Not really, but it depends on the type that you use.

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Pembrokeshire Real Nappy Project - Cashback Scheme

Pembrokeshire residents can claim £30 from Pembrokeshire County Council when they spend £50 or more on real nappies from any supplier, or £60 when they spend £150 (this offer is available to one claim per family).

Simply complete the form below, it's as simple as that!

Real Nappy Cashback Form (opens in a new tab)


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