Real Nappies

Ain't nothing like the real thing baby...

Your baby will have around 2000 nappy changes a year from birth to potty (around 2 ½ years). That's around 5,000 disposable nappies and equates to 156 black bags, weighing approximately the same as a family car!

Really making a change!

More and more parents are switching to real nappies as they realise they are easy to use and cost effective.

Long gone are the days of boil washing and soaking - you can wash real nappies at 60°C in a normal household washing machine. In terms of wash loads using real nappies only amounts to two wash loads a week. 

With washable or biodegradable liners and popper or velcro fastenings real nappies are easy to use!  So with no nappy pins in sight there is less mess and less fuss. 

Using real nappies could save you £500 for you first child, and even more for any future children as they can easily be re-used.

Real baby benefits!

Real nappies keep babies hips apart at the right angle.  Babies in real nappies should potty train much earlier because of the association between being wet and emptying their bladder.

Real options!

There are a number of different real nappies and folds available so it is easy to choose the best one for your baby.  

Real facts:

  • Pembrokeshire County Council disposes of approximately 3.4 million nappies a year!
  • It can take hundreds of years for disposable nappies to biodegrade in a landfill site!
  • If a family with one baby switched to real nappies their household rubbish would be halved!

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