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Hospital Transport

As well as providing accident and emergency services, the Welsh Ambulance Service also arranges and provides transport to hospital for patients who are medically unfit to travel by any other means.

When you call for transport you will be asked a series of simple questions to determine whether you are eligible for transport. Eligibility is based upon a medical criteria, which has been agreed nationally by the Welsh Government. If you do qualify, Ambulance Transport will be booked for you. If you do not meet the criteria, you will be offered alternative contact numbers for organisations that may be able to provide transport for you. 

Patients and their escorts may be entitled to financial help with the cost of travel to hospital if they are in receipt of benefits, on low incomes or are war disablement pensioners. 

For further information :

Welsh Ambulance Service - 0300 1232 303 (Monday to Friday 8:00-18:00)

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