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Well-being Plan


One of the key statutory functions of the PSB under the Well-being of Future Generations Act is to produce a Well-being Plan .  The Well-being Plan sets out how the PSB will work together to improve the well-being of people and communities in Pembrokeshire, now and in the future.


The Well-being Plan represents the additional value that can be delivered through working innovatively and collaboratively as partners.  It does not replace the core services of the individual organisations nor is its purpose to simply reflect the good work already being undertaken by individual partners. 


The PSB has identified two overarching well-being objectives as the framework for the Plan.  These are:

Who we are: We want to help our people, communities and organisations so that we can support ourselves and each other

Where we live: We want to protect and enhance our natural assets whilst optimising economic prospects, accessibility and health for all


There are four priorities sitting under the objectives (two under each):

Who we are

Where we live

Living & Working

Tackling Rurality

Resourceful Communities

Protecting our Environment


Finally, the PSB has identified eight integrated projects which can make a contribution across and towards all the four priorities and maximise the PSB’s contribution to social, environmental, economic and cultural well-being:



Recruitment and Employment Transformation Framework


Environmental and Climate Change Risk Assessment


Becoming a Carbon Neutral County


Doing Things Differently


Celebrating the Great Outdoors


Community Participation


Understanding our Communities


Meaningful Community Engagement


The PSB will utilise a mixed approach to delivery of the eight projects adopting the most appropriate method, such as a standing sub-group, task group or individual lead, depending on the work which needs to be done. 

Further updates will appear here in due course.


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ID: 2604, revised 26/03/2021