Food business listings

Food Guide listings will be permanently available on our website, and linked to tourism websites including Visit Pembrokeshire, making it easy to update/edit entries as and when required. 

The listing will also be FREE of charge. 

Invitation to take a listing in this guide is only open to Pembrokeshire Produce Members to ensure the quality of the guide is maintained.


What will advertising in the Pembrokeshire Food Guide listing provide for your business? 

  • A listing that remains online continually, which can be immediately updated or amended.
  • Promotion of listing at food fairs, events, markets and exhibitions attended nationally and locally.
  • Advertisements highlighting the Food listings on tourism websites and in local tourist publications.
  • Enhanced branding through the Pembrokeshire Produce Marketing Scheme which will identify your business with locally produced fresh food and drink. As customers’ interest in their food has greatly increased, this is an added value marketing asset for you, as well as enhancing the visitor experience.
  • The final listing will be available on the Pembrokeshire County Council’s website with excellent links to sites such as Visit Pembrokeshire.



ID: 1414, revised 02/04/2019