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Energy Efficiency

* Eco flexibility is currently unavailable as ECO3 funding has ceased. ECO4 flexibility will be available later this year *

ECO-Flex: Grant Towards Domestic Energy Efficiency Improvements

The Energy Company Obligation (ECO) is a grant scheme allowing energy efficiency improvements for residents in fuel poverty or who are vulnerable.

The Council has published a Statement of Intent allowing delivery of this scheme in Pembrokeshire.

If your home (rented or owner-occupied) is energy inefficient, and you either spend more than 10% of your income on fuel or are vulnerable to the cold, you may be entitled to a grant towards home energy efficiency measures involving heating upgrades and insulation.

Grants are administered by agents working on behalf of energy companies. Agents collect client details, perform home energy surveys and arrange works for successful applicants.

The Councils involvement is to simply vet applications, ensuring qualifying conditions are met. The final decision on whether a household receives a measure and the level of grant available under flexible eligibility or other ECO funding streams will be made by the energy company or their agent.

For more information, please email:

Unfortunately, the scheme does not apply to Social Housing tenants.

Landlords and members of the public – please do not submit an application form to us yourself, it requires the partnership of an energy company or their agent before you do this, please email us for further details.


Worried about cold callers?

List of known Eco-flex Agents operating in Pembrokeshire (List is not definitive)
Quantity, availability, eligible areas, as well as the range of grant funded measures available - will all differ between companies, call around for the best deal.

City Energy Network Ltd
T: 02920 499183 (Cardiff)

Stellar Energy UK Ltd
T: 01554 788766
Free boiler Wales 

Complete Remedial Solutions

T: 01656 253194 (Bridgend)

AM Energy Solutions Ltd
T: 02920 461802
AM Energy Solutions 

Zing Energy

T: 0330 808 4365 (Cardiff)

Hamilton Developments (Wales) Ltd.
T: 01792 439107

KSB Projects Ltd

T: 07740 872219 (Llanelli)

ECO Carbon Traders Ltd

T: 01495 366575

C&T ECO Consultants

T: 01792 446646

Please note: Pembrokeshire County Council are also aware of three companies called CES (Consumer Energy Solutions), EAGA and Oak Tree Energy Limited who are being used as canvassers for the companies on the list.. Pembrokeshire County Council accepts no responsibility or liability resulting from any negative consequence, damage or loss arising from an ECO FLEX grant being accepted or arising from works or efforts connected to the preparation, application or survey prior to a grant.

Pembrokeshire County Council do not endorse any specific energy supplier, grant agent, installer or company connected to the application or installation of ECO flex grants or products. Any grievance or issue raised against grant works or application process, should be taken up with the installing party / agent / financier. Pembrokeshire County Council limit our involvement to the declaration of eligibility for a grant, should you wish to have the declaration explained in further detail, please email -

Nest (Wales)

Nest is the Welsh Assembly Government’s New Fuel Poverty Scheme and British Gas is the delivery partner for the scheme.

The programme is designed to make private sector households warmer and healthier places to live. The scheme offers householders a range of free home improvements to help them heat their homes more efficiently and stay warm without facing huge energy bills.

The Nest scheme takes a ‘whole house’ approach to determining what energy improvement work would be most suitable, some examples include:

  • Loft and cavity wall insulation
  • Solid Wall insulation
  • Draught Proofing
  • Boiler Replacement

To qualify for Nest you must be a private home-owner or private tenant, have a property with an energy efficiency rating of F or G and in receipt of one of the following means tested benefits:

  • Child Tax Credit where the household income is below £16,010
  • Council Tax Benefit (excluding the single person occupancy reduction)
  • Housing Benefit
  • Income Based Job Seekers Allowance
  • Income Related Employment and Support Allowance
  • Income Support
  • Pension Credit
  • Working Tax Credit where the household income is below £16,010

Not sure if your property qualifies, typically an F or G rated property would have all, or most, of the following characteristics:

  • No central heating or a central heating system with a very inefficient boiler. (Usually a boiler of 15 or more years old).
  • Homes heated by a fuel other than mains gas
  • Solid Walls
  • Un-insulated cavity walls
  • No loft insulation / less than 100mm
  • Single glazed windows

Also, detached, semi detached or end terraced properties are more likely to be F or G rated.

For further information and to apply call free phone 0800 512 012 or visit Nest Wales 

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