Pembrokeshire Public Services Board: Annual Report 2021-22

Progress over the last five years

The following pages provide an overview of progress over the last five years against the Well-being Objectives identified in our first Well-being Plan.  We have also indicated what our initial timescales were for delivery of these workstreams to highlight areas where we have been able to achieve progress more quickly than originally planned.

Workstream 1 - Recruitment and Employment Transformation Framework

  • Indicative timescale – 1 to 5 years

What have we done?

Work experience project – A project led by Pembrokeshire College and DWP, with a focus on development of good quality work experience and work placement opportunities for all ages in the County. The project included development of an employer guide detailing the benefits of the project for employers and individuals.

A workshop for HR professionals from PSB organisations was held to share lessons learnt and best practice around how they supported the well-being of staff working from home, who were furloughed or who were at risk of redundancy due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The workshop also explored how to support new staff going forward, including incorporating virtual employment support. 

Raise awareness of schemes and initiatives to support employment and training - The focus of this project was for the PSB to take an active role in promoting the Welsh Government’s Personal Learning Account Scheme and and the Kickstart Scheme launched in the Autumn of 2020.


Workstreams 2 and 3 - Environmental and Climate Change Risk Assessment / Becoming a Carbon Neutral County

  • Indicative timescales – 1 to 12 years

What have we done?

We developed a Climate Change Risk Assessment. This report was commissioned on a three-county basis and provided an assessment of data and risk in each county. Six areas of risk were identified in Pembrokeshire.

Environmental Risk Assessment area statements for the South West were developed by NRW

The PSB has now established closer links with the Pembrokeshire Biodiversity partnership

A Climate Change and Environmental Risk Assessment Group has been established to focus on co-ordination of climate adaptation and resilience work, to understand what work partners are already undertaking and to inform strategic development

A report containing 20 recommendations which aimed to guide the decarbonisation activites of PSB partner organisations was finalised in May 2021.  

A Climate Adaptation Strategy has been developed which identifies and prioritises the main risks for the County over the next few years


Workstream 4 - Doing Things Differently

  • Indicative timescale – 1 to 5 years

What have we done?

Work to develop five Integrated Community Networks that will deliver integrated care seamlessly at a local level by aligning our services and co-ordinating care has commenced. This will include alignment of community nursing, therapies, social, third sector and primary care services around defined GP Practice populations across five networks – North Coastal, South East Pembrokeshire, South West Pembrokeshire, Haverfordwest Central and Milford Haven / Neyland.

Work on development of these networks was paused during 2020 –2022 due to the Covid-19 pandemic, but has now re-started with a focus on the development of an integrated health and well-being centre in Fishguard. This will provide support to the North Coastal population from areas such as Solva, St Davids, Fishguard, Goodwick and Newport.  An engagement and information event was held in late June 2022.


Workstream 5 - Celebrating the Great Outdoors

  • Indicative timescale – 1 to 5 years

What have we done?

There has been a focus on Social and Green prescribing across the region led by Health colleagues.  A regional event to scope out possible work areas was held in 2019.  Work was paused in 2019 as lead officer was drawn into other work around Brexit preparedness and then the Covid-19 pandemic, however, activity aiming to reinvigorate this work has taken place over the last few months.  


Workstreams 6, 7 and 8  - Community Participation / Understanding Our Communities / Meaningful Community Engagement (Community-themed Workstreams)

  • Indicative timescales – 1 to 12 years

What have we done?

Development of a Pembrokeshire Time Bank Network, comprising of a number of community-led time banks where members earn and spend time credits through person-to-organisation and person-to-person exchanges.

Annual volunteering fairs have been held by PAVS and supported by PSB partners. his has led to the development of a specific post jointly funded by PAVS and PCC to promote and identify volunteering opportunities in the County. 

Community Well-being & Resilience (CWBR) Project led by PLANED - 12 communities were involved in this project over 2 years to map community assets and develop Community Well-being Plans, working with town/community councils and community associations.  

Pembrokeshire Engagement Network  - a number of events and conversations were held pre-pandemic to consider development of a dedicated Pembrokeshire engagement resource. A PSB specific group was established to lead on engagement for the Well-Being Assessment and Well-Being Plan but development of a wider group involving a range of practitioners is being considered regionally.

Meetings have been held with the Pembrokeshire Youth Assembly to explore ways in which the PSB can engage and work with young people more effectively.

What has become clear is that many of the issues identified within our first Well-being Plan continue to be issues which have again been recognised in our latest Well-being Assessment. This is not surprising, as many are issues which, by their nature, are long-term problems which will take time to solve. As we take steps towards the development of our next Well-being Plan we will ensure that these enduring issues are acknowledged and that we modify and tailor our approaches to tackling them wherever necessary. 




ID: 9278, revised 04/11/2022