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Bathing Water in Pembrokeshire

Pembrokeshire has some of the best beaches in britian with the largest numbers of Blue Fag, Green Coast and Seaside awards.

The beaches in Wales are designated by the Welsh Government depending on their popularity and usage.  Beaches which are designated as bathing waters are sampled and monitored by National Resources Wales.  The non-designated beaches are sampled and monitored by Pembrokeshire County Council.  There are currently 29 designated and 13 non-designated bathing waters in Pembrokeshire.

The bathing waters are monitored and assessed for compliance under the Bathing Water Directive (2006/EEC). Bathing waters are classified as "Excellent", "Good", "Sufficent" and "Poor". "Sufficent" water quality is required for all bathing waters by 2015.

Further information on this topic can be found on Natural Resouces Wales website on the Bathing Water page. For the latest Bathing Water ratings from Natural Resources Wales, please visit Bathing Water Data Explorer

Awards and their required water quality are shown in the following table:


Required Water Quality

Required Water Quality


Excellent under r.BWD

Excellent under r BWD


Excellent under rBWD

Excellent under rBWD


Imperative under cBWD

Requires sufficient under rBWD

Pembrokeshire beaches have exceptional good water quality, as is evident by the number of awards granted to the county's beaches. To maintain and improve the standards where applicable Pembrokeshire Bathing Water Strategy was adopted as a collaborative approach with all  the  agencies involved in water quality  working together. Pembrokeshire Bathing Water Strategy 2014-2016 can be found below.

DCWW have an ongoing programme of providing information on storm water spillages during periods of heavy rainfall at many of our beaches. Information on this can be accessed on found on the Surfers Against Sewage website using their safer seas service.

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