Pollution Control

Pollution Control and Environmental Monitoring

The Council's Pollution Control Team is responsible for a wide range of services in respect of public health and the built environment as they apply to commercial, trade or industrial premises within the County of Pembrokeshire.

This includes the following matters:-

  1. Investigation of a wide range of statutory nuisances and clean air legislation complaints as they apply to commercial activity.
  2. Undertaking the investigation into a wide range of complaints involving odour, noise, dust fumes and other like conditions which may be deemed to be prejudicial to health or a statutory nuisance.
  3. Carrying out sampling and enforcement in relation to private water supplies within the County, from springs, boreholes or wells, for commercial use or for those serving domestic households or lettings.
  4. Sampling of mains water supplies in a monitoring capacity and liaising with the local water undertaker and other agencies in relation to the quality and wholesomeness of water supplies in the County.
  5. Sampling of some 26 "Non-Designated" bathing beaches and recreational water to assess water quality and suitability for bathing.
  6. Monitoring of the aqueous environment in conjunction with Natural Resources Wales and other partners.
  7. Carrying out of air quality reviews and assessments to determine overall air quality within the County.
  8. Responding to planning consultations with a view to protecting the local amenity from development impact.
  9. The administration and enforcement of permitted processes under the Environmental Protection Act 1990 and The Environmental Permitting (England & Wales) Regulations 2010.
  10. Monitoring of background radiation levels in conjunction with other statutory agencies.
  11. Enforcement of legislation in relation to contaminated land as prescribed under the Environment Act 1995.
  12. The investigation of drainage defects, giving advice on remedial measures and where necessary take enforcement action.
  13. Responding to applications received under the Licensing Act 2003.

Opening Hours:

Monday:         9am-4pm

Tuesday:        9am-4pm

Wednesday:   9am-4pm

Thursday:       9am-4pm

Friday:            9am-4pm

We are committed to providing an excellent service at all times and although we aim to cover the office from 9am-4pm we may not always be contactable by telephone. To report an emergency incident please telephone 01437 764551.


Pollution Control Team


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