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10 Ideas with Tyres and Hoops

Washing Tyres

First up as the tyres had just come off the car we gave them a good clean with soapy water. Put this provided lots of play in itself, all three boys were able to get stuck in. A little on the mucky side, but mostly they just got a little damp. 

Climbing on Tyres

Children love to climb, so one of the first things they did was climb on the tyres. On them, in them, out again - lots of climbing! 

Hiding in Tyres

Children discovered that when you climb inside they create a pretty good hiding place. The children start by hiding in two tyres and sitting down inside, but soon they built a tower of tyres and with a bit of help managed to hide inside. You can supervise this play as I think toppling over in full height tyres would be pretty painful, but as always only do with your own kids what you're comfortable with. 

Tyre Obstacle Course

The tyres are perfect for an obstacle course, we spread them out and the children had to balance on them and leap from one to another. I think if we do this again we should time it and get them doing laps - helps them sleep better! 

Tyre Construction

The tyres are a brilliant addition to the loose parts collection we are slowly building up. This is how children are most often played with as part of some imaginary play construction. They are big enough that they can make something sizable to sit in, stand on etc, but small enough that with a bit of effort the boys can move them around. 

Tyre Swing

Use a tyre and rope to make a swing which children love playing on. They also love creating their own tyre swing. 


There is a tyre placed on the floor and each player must use their hula hoops by rolling them towards the tyre. The aim is to have the hula hoop land perfectly over the tyre for a point. 

Hula Hoop race

The children get to race hula hoops by throwing them as fast as they can. The first hula hoop to cross a finishing line wins! 

Hula Hoops Trains 

Children can use the hula hoops by putting them over each other to create a link which can be seen as a train. 

Hula Hooping 

Classic game of Hula Hooping where children use the hula hoops to hula hoop. They can have competitions to see who can hula the longest. 

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