Play Pembrokeshire

10 Ideas with Crepe paper

  1. Crepe paper cheerleading pom poms Cut strips tie in middle 
  2. Stained glass windows Black construction paper borders, Crepe paper coloured panels
  3. Game mission impossible - Tie Crepe paper in long lengths across room and challenge kids to go over and under to get across room
  4. Jelly fish - Make band of cardboard and attach long strips of Crepe paper like a jelly fish 
  5. Crepe paper collages- Scrunch or lay Crepe paper on picture and glue 
  6. Crepe paper flowers - Scrunch in to a ball and roll long lengths for stem 
  7. Crepe paper piñata - Decorate cardboard box with Crepe paper 
  8. Crepe paper lanterns - Fold A4 paper in half and cut lines or shapes out along folded edge Open paper out and stick Crepe paper over places that are cut secure two longest sides of paper together with Crepe paper on inside Squash down slightly to see Crepe paper through holes in paper. 
  9. Crepe paper bleeding - Paint water on to price of paper. Stick torn pieces of Crepe paper all over wet paper. Once page is covered paint final layer or water over the top Leave to dry and then remove dry pieces of Crepe paper to reveal coloured pattern underneath 
  10. Crepe paper wind sock - Fold A4 coloured paper in to cylinder and secure. Decorate and add long streams of Crepe paper round bottom edge 
ID: 1230, revised 22/02/2023