Planning Applications

Minerals and Waste

There is a history of quarrying, metal and coal mining in Pembrokeshire dating back hundreds of years. Since 1947 planning permission has been required for such working and today we have a number of hard rock, sand and gravel sites working in the county including the National Park; some have a history before 1947 but others are more recent. There is no coal working anywhere in the county now but there are historical relics of mining and old quarrying most of which have merged into the landscape or have become features in the landscape and often now contribute to the biodiversity of Pembrokeshire.

The disposal of waste has historically been to landfill and many sites have been restored and are indistinguishable in the landscape. European Directives are now generating a need for waste management as opposed to disposal and whilst there are a few sites operating in Pembrokeshire there is always work going on to establish new facilities and sites. Planning permission is normally needed for any waste management developments including disposal.

ID: 2322, revised 24/01/2018