Pembrokeshire Schools

Welsh in Education Strategic Plan 2017-2020

Local Authorities have a statutory duty to prepare and submit Welsh in Education Strategic Plans (WESPs). The plans must set challenging targets for developing Welsh medium education in their areas and to demonstrate clear actions and steps to maximise opportunities for Welsh medium education.

In March 2017, the Minister for the Welsh Language at the time, Alun Davies, announced that a rapid review of Local Authorities’ WESPs would take place; he made it clear that he expected strong and ambitious plans from Local Authorities. The growth of Welsh medium education will be one of the key drivers for achieving a million Welsh speakers by 2050.

The review provided key findings and recommendations for the WESPs which included seven outcomes as below setting out how local authorities would be expected to improve Welsh medium education in their area:

Outcome 1:

More seven year old children being taught through the medium of Welsh.

Outcome 2:

More learners continuing to improve their language skills on transfer from primary school to secondary school.

Outcome 3:

More 14-16 year old students studying for qualifications through the medium of Welsh.

Outcome 4:

More 16-19 year old students studying through the medium of Welsh in schools, colleges and work based learning.

Outcome 5:

More learners with higher skills in Welsh.

Outcome 6:

Welsh medium provision for learners with Additional Learning Needs (ALN).

Outcome 7:

Workforce planning and Continuous Professional Development (CPD).

ID: 2853, revised 05/12/2017