Parking in Pembrokeshire

Car Park Charges

How much does it cost to park?

The charges vary in each car park, there are different charges depending on whether the car park is short or long stay. 


Are there any free car parks?

There are a variety of car parks provided by the council some are chargeable others are free.

What is the charging period?

The normal charging period is from 9.00am to 7.00pm

Can I purchase a season ticket for the car parks?

Season Tickets maybe purchased for all long-stay car parks, please contact the Parking section on 01437 764551 or e-mail

Why does the Council operate a Pay and Display system?

The Council has found that this system is the most economical method of controlling the parking provision in its chargeable car parks.

Why do I have to pay for parking?

In addition to raising income to pay for the maintenance of existing, and the provision of new car parks, charges also help to ensure that there is an adequate turnover of parking spaces during the day, which are then available for shoppers and short term visitors. If the Council did not charge the users of the parking facilities, the cost of the maintenance would fall on the Council Taxpayers and visitors using the facilities would make no contribution. Shoppers and short term visitors would also find a shortage of available space particularly in places where a lot of travel to work parking occurs.

Why don't you pay for the car parks maintenance with savings you would make if you no longer needed to employ patrol staff?

Even if parking was free, patrolling would still be required for a number of reasons. In order to provide a regular supply of convenient parking spaces for shoppers during the day, a maximum period of waiting would need to be introduced, and this, together with the disabled persons parking and other regulations would still need to be enforced. Also the patrol staff acts as a deterrent to crime, and identify areas in need of maintenance.

Why can't I pay on exit?

The Council has considered other charging systems. Pay on exit systems involve a barrier at the entrance and exit to the car park which can cause considerable delays, congestion and pollution, particularly if the equipment fails. Barriers can also cause great inconvenience to disabled drivers. For these reasons the Pay and Display system has been considered to be the most suitable for the Council car parks.

Why don't you provide change machines?

Unfortunately, change machines would be an inviting target for theft. The very nature of the machines requires that they be full of cash at all times. Ticket machines, on the other hand, are emptied on a daily basis, ensuring no cash is left in them overnight.

Why don't I get a refund if I pay for half an hour and only stay for five minutes?

The charging structure is such that any stay between the cost increments is the same charge. Therefore the fee for five minutes is the same as that for 30 minutes, and for 1 hour 5 minutes is the same for 2 hours. The Council believes that its fees are competitive by comparison with other neighbouring town centres with similar shopping facilities.

Why can't I pick someone up and drop someone off in the car parks?

You can, but you must ensure that you comply with the parking regulations by stopping in a marked bay and purchasing a parking ticket.The car parks are provided for the off street parking of vehicles. If casual setting down/picking up were to be allowed, congestion problems would be created, causing delays and frustration to car park users.

Car Park Charging Policy

Pembrokeshire County Council Civil Parking Enforcement 5th Annual Report

Pembrokeshire County Council Civil Parking Enforcement 6th Annual Report

Pembrokeshire County Council Civil Parking Enforcement 7th Annual Report

ID: 2756, revised 24/08/2018

Residents Parking Permits

Resident permit parking schemes have been introduced at over 50 locations throughout the County. All schemes have the same terms and conditions.  
  • Up to 50% of the available parking space may be set aside for permit holders.
  • One permit issued to a qualifying property, to a specific vehicle.
  • Permits cost £40 per annum. Increases are linked to inflation.
  • Visitors permit costing £30 can be issued for a period of up to 7 days.
  • Replacement permits cost £12.50.


Apply for your parking permit online

Apply Online

 To apply online you will need:

  • A copy of your car insurance
  • Proof of residency (something with the name and address of the property you will be applying for)
  • The document  must be no older than three months
  • MOT certificate (if the vehicle has one) – you won’t need this if the vehicle is less than three years old
  • A credit/debit card to make a payment


Resident Parking Permit Application Form

ID: 2649, revised 31/05/2018


Coach parking is available at North Beach and Salterns car parks in Tenby and at The Common in Pembroke. Tariffs are as advertised (see car park charges page) and weekly tickets are available at a concessionary rate. Buses must park in marked bays only.

ID: 273, revised 21/09/2017

Motor Homes

Motor homes may park in any Council car park. Some car parks have larger spaces to accommodate larger vehicles; where a motor home occupies more than one space additional tickets must be purchased.
Cooking and sleeping in motor homes overnight is not permitted.
The following car parks have height restriction barriers which may prevent access.

ID: 274, revised 21/09/2017

Motor Cycles

Specific motor cycle spaces can be found at the Multi Storey car park in Tenby, St Thomas Green, Haverfordwest and Merrivale, St Davids. Motor cycles may park free in all our car parks but must conform to the general terms and conditions.

Terms & Conditions of use in Car Parks.

Motorists must not

  • Park without displaying a valid permit / ticket. 
  • Park other than wholly within a parking bay. 
  • Park in a set aside or reserved bay, without displaying a valid permit. 
  • Use any part of the car park for sleeping, camping, or cooking.
  • Carry out any activity in this parking place in connection with the offering for sale or hire of any article or service to persons in or near the car park. 
  • Make a loud noise so as to disturb or annoy residents or users of the parking place.

A PCN may be issued for non compliance of the terms and conditions.


ID: 275, revised 21/09/2017

Disabled Parking

Parking places for blue badge holders have been provided in all charging car parks in accordance with guidance issued by the Department for Transport.
Disabled motorists must purchase and display a valid ticket but will receive an additional one hour free parking. They must also display a valid blue badge and clock.

Parking permits for disabled people

A new system for issuing Blue Badges has recently been developed. It is called Blue Badge Improvement Scheme (BBIS).

Blue parking badges allow parking concessions for cars carrying people who have severe walking difficulties, severe upper limb disabilities or who are registered blind.

Regulations came into force in Wales on 1 August 2011 which extended eligibility to the following:

  • Children under the age of three who must be accompanied by bulky medical equipment or may need access to vehicles for emergency hospital treatment.
  • Severely injured war veterans who fall within tariffs one - eight of the Armed Forces Compensation Scheme

Parents of a disabled child over two and under 16 can apply for a badge on their child's behalf.

The badge belongs to the disabled person who qualifies for it (who may or may not be a car driver) and can be used in any vehicle they are travelling in. The badge can be used anywhere in the EU.

Where do I apply?

To apply for a new badge, renewal or replacement badge, return badges or report misuse contact Pembrokeshire County Council on 01437 764551 or call in at one of the Council's five Customer Service Centres.

The Customer Service Centre staff will be able to process applications between 9-15am - 1pm and 2pm - 4.30pm Monday to Friday.

You will also be able to apply for and/or renew a badge online via Direct Gov website Blue Badge

Under the new scheme, Blue Badges can no longer be issued by staff at a Customer Service Centre. All badges will be issued by Northgate Information Solutions and will take approximately five working days from the date they receive the approved application. Applications requiring medical assessments approved from their Doctor will take approximately three weeks for this process to be completed.

In line with the new national regulations, individual customer Blue Badges will be free for the standard second class delivery option.

ID: 276, revised 29/11/2018

Taxi Parking

Taxi ranks have been provided in Gordon Street car park, Pembroke Dock, the Multi Storey car park, Tenby and Bridgend Square, Haverfordwest. Taxis may park free when using these spaces.

Taxis must not ply for trade from any other location in these car parks and must conform to all terms and conditions when parking.

Terms & Conditions of use in Car Parks.
Motorists must not

  • Park without displaying a valid permit / ticket. 
  • Park other than wholly within a parking bay. 
  • Park in a set aside or reserved bay, without displaying a valid permit. 
  • Use any part of the car park for sleeping, camping, or cooking.
  • Carry out any activity in this parking place in connection with the offering for sale or hire of any article or service to persons in or near the car park. 
  • Make a loud noise so as to disturb or annoy residents or users of the parking place.


A PCN may be issued for non compliance of the terms and conditions.


ID: 278, revised 30/10/2017

Parking Passport Permit

A Parking Passport Permit is a permit that enables you to park in the long stay sections of some Pembrokeshire County Council car parks. The cost is £25 a week.

Apply online for a Parking Passport or complete an Application for Car Park Passport Permit.

The Passport permit is not valid for use in any of the following car parks:

  • Bridgend Square Haverfordwest
  • Perrots Road Haverfordwest
  • Scolton Manor Haverfordwest
  • Long Entry Pembroke
  • South Quay Pembroke
  • The Parade Pembroke
  • Gordon Street Pembroke Dock
  • Lower Meyrick Street Pembroke Dock
  • South Quay Harbour Tenby
  • Ground Floor of the Multi Storey Tenby and Haverfordwest.


ID: 279, revised 31/05/2018

Car Parking Permits

Application form for:

  • Y Penfro
  • The Puffin
  • The Seagull
  • Dusk and Dawn
  • Coastal

Car Park Permits


ID: 280, revised 31/05/2018

Tenby Pedestrianisation

Every summer the centre of Tenby is mainly a vehicle-free zone.

The walled town is pedestrianised between 11am to 5.30pm from 2nd July to 14th September 2018, with only certain vehicles permitted entry.

For further information on the scheme including permitted journeys click on the ‘Guidance notes' link below. Application forms for access permits can also be found under the ‘western / eastern / core application' link depending on the location of the property. A plan showing the zones is also provided.

For further information or any queries relating to the scheme please e.mail: or tel:01437 775282.


  1. Tenby Pedestrianisation - guidance notes
  2. Tenby Walled Town Plan
  3. Application for Blue (East) Permit
  4. Application for Red (West) Permit
  5. Application for Core Permit


ID: 213, revised 19/04/2018

Electric Car Charging Station in Haverfordwest

1 - Location:

An electric car charging station is located on the ground floor of the Riverside Multi-storey car park in Haverfordwest town centre (postcode: SA61 2LJ)

Charging Point at the Riverside Multi-Storey Car Park

2 - Type of charging station:

The charging post is fitted with 2 sockets (outlets) allowing two vehicles to be charged simultaneously.  Each socket is a Type 2, Mode 3 outlet capable of delivering 32 A (7.7kW) and requires a 7-pin plug.

The charging station will change its power delivery depending on the type of vehicle that plugs in.  Typical charge time is approximately 6 hours from flat to full charge.

3 - How to use the Charging Station:

An access card is required in order to use the electric charge points. Please visit: to find out more and to join the scheme. Alternatively, please phone 01912 650500. There is an annual charge of £20, but there will be no additional usage charges for using the Council's charge point and the card will also provide access to all of the charge points on the Charge Your Car network across the United Kingdom.

4 - For further information please contact:

Pembrokeshire County Council,
County Hall,
SA61 1TP

Tel: 01437 764551

ID: 214, revised 13/10/2017