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Civil Parking Enforcement Annual Report 2016-17


Strategy & Policy

Parking Provision in Pembrokeshire

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Civil Parking Enforcement

Performance Delivery & Statistics

Financial Information

Update on 2019/20 Initiatives

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Appendix 1: Resident and Shared Parking Schemes



The Council is required to publish this information in accordance with Part 6 of the Traffic Management Act 2004.

This is the Sixth annual report which we have published, in accordance with the requirements of the Traffic Management Act 2004. Its aim is to provide information about how Pembrokeshire County Council delivers its parking enforcement and associated services and to place the service in context with our other road network management duties and policies.

The Council continues to enforce parking restrictions both on and off street on all roads in the County and in all car parks owned by the Council. This report covers the period from 1st April 2016 to 31 March 2017.
If you have any questions or comments regarding our Parking Annual Report, please let us know by telephoning on 01437 764551 or emailing us at

Strategy and policy


The Strategic Vision of the Council emphasises the promotion of an attractive, clean and healthy environment and the Regional Transport Plan gives recognition that traffic management plays an important part in ensuring safe, effective and rational use of the highway.

Charging Policy

  • The need to encourage retail trade;
  • The need to manage traffic, including on-street parking and traffic flows;
  • The need to manage demand effectively;
  • The nature of parking location and its users, i.e. urban shopper/business, residential, rural town shopper, beach/visitor;
  • Comparison with other providers in the locality;
  • The need to encourage the use of more sustainable forms of transport, including public transport;
  • Charges are not set purely in order to derive income;
  • Have regard to the overall revenue budget provision (expenditure and income) for car parks;
  • A presumption in favour of improvements being funded by increased tariff.

These principles are applied consistently, which results in different charges from place to place.

Demand Management

Car parking charges have been considered on a location by location basis. Car parking charges in Pembrokeshire are set to encourage shoppers, and are likely to require short-stay spaces. Where car parking is subject to high demand and/or limited capacity, then parking periods and tariffs are carefully set to optimise turnover

Parking Provision in Pembrokeshire

Off Street

The Authority manages car parks to provide for both short stay and long stay users. Charges apply in accordance with Council Policy. Disabled provision is in accordance with the guidance issued by DfT

On Street

The Authority provides on street parking facilities on the adopted public highway where it is considered appropriate to do so without undue interference with moving traffic. It makes provision for limited waiting, disabled, loading, taxi, motor cycles and residents.
It has developed robust and fair practices to manage the kerb side to cater for the competing demands of the various users. No restrictions have been implemented that do not have a traffic regulation order to support them.

Our Services

Off Street Parking

The Council has both charging and non charging Carparks; Details are on the council website Pembrokeshire County Council has 97 car parks of which 36 are pay and display. 18 have charges applying all year round and 14 seasonal charges.
Between 1st April 2016 and 31st March 2017 the following were issued

  • 190 Season tickets
  • 167 Reserved bays permits
  • 343 Tenby Harbour permits.

A minimum of 6% of spaces have been set aside for blue badge holders. The Council waived charges on certain days in December in the lead up to Christmas in all paying car parks through the County.

On Street

There are currently 1035 limited waiting spaces, 127 disabled spaces, 33 Taxi spaces, 3 Bus bays, 28 bays for Loading / Goods unloading bays, 1 ambulance bay and 1 motorcycle bay. Within the overall spaces there remain 636 spaces for Resident / Business Permit Holders.

Resident Parking

Resident Parking Schemes have been introduced, where practicable, on a number of streets/locations across the County. There are currently 57 schemes in operation, full list on Appendix 1 All schemes on the public highway are operated under the same regulations, one permit to a property to a specific vehicle. Permits are valid for a period of up to 12 months. A cost of a permit is £40.00. Visitor permits are available for periods of up to 7 days at a cost of £20.00, again one to a property to a specific vehicle. Proof of occupancy, valid insurance and MOT certificate must be provided.

A non-highway scheme is operated in Tenby Harbour where one permit is issued to each property but is not vehicle specific. Cost of a permit is £100 and has not risen since 2003.

There were 1178 annual permits issued between 1st April 2016 to 31st March 2017 and 198 visitor permits.

Parking Dispensations

The Council does allow, in certain circumstances, by the issue of a dispensation, a vehicle to park lawfully in contravention of a Traffic Regulation order. It may also suspend parking places for the purposes of reserving those places for particular vehicles and/or applicants.
Dispensations will be issued by way of a temporary permit containing the details of the event, the vehicle registration, date and time of use. The permit must be clearly displayed on the front windscreen of the approved vehicle.
186 dispensations were issued 1st April 2016 - 31st March 2017.

Civil Parking Enforcement

Parking and Streetcare Teams

Combining the management and enforcement of both on and off street parking provides considerable operational and community benefits. In April 2013 the Parking service team and streetcare team were combined under one operational manager. Both sections still have their own remit, however, the benefits of this combined service includes:

  • Co-ordinated enforcement and control of on and off street parking
  • Co-ordinated enforcement of all highway related issues
  •  Co-ordination of activities on the highway network
  • Management and co-ordination of event affecting on street and off street activities
  • Co-ordination of third party works on the highway
  • Managing all licensed activities on and off street
  • More effective implementation of policies

Running CPE

Pembrokeshire currently employs 13 Civil Enforcement Officers, 2 Technical Clerks and 3 Parking Services Officers; they are all supported by the Streetcare and Parking Manager. They do not receive any performance related bonuses or incentives.
Penalty charge notices are issued to vehicles that are parking in contravention of restrictions. If a motorist wishes to dispute a PCN they must follow the appeal process which is detailed on the rear of the PCN.

Having operated CPE since February 2011 the Parking Services staff has built up a comprehensive understanding of where and when indiscriminate parking occurs. However, when members of the public are experiencing particular parking problems they can report them to the office.

The parking services team are also responsible for the management of all car parks, Pay and Display machines, financial matters, Resident Permits, Car Park Season and Reserved Tickets, Parking Dispensations and Car Park Licenses. 

The Back Office - Wales Penalty Processing Partnership (Wales PPP)

The Wales PPP back office continues to be used to process the issued PCN’s. There are quarterly meetings, an officers working group, with representatives from each Partner Authority to discuss operational consistency, shares best practice and strives for continual efficiency savings.

Enforcement Agents

The Council currently uses the services of four bailiff companies to recover debts, Excel, Proserve, Swift and A J Enforcement. All have considerable experience in this work and provide similar services to other Wales PPP councils as well as our SWWITCH partners Carmarthenshire County Council, City & County of Swansea and Neath Port Talbot County Borough Council.

Performance Delivery & Statistics

Statistical Performance

The tables below show statistics relating to PCN’s issued during the period 1st April 2016 to 31st March 2017.

PCN’s - Progression of Cases

PCN's issued
Number of PCN’s issued on street 7561 50.80%
Number of PCN’s issued off street 7324 49.20%
Number of PCN’s paid at discount rate 9350 70.92%
Number of PCN’s paid after 14 days 2962 22.46% 
Number of PCN’s not paid  873 6.62% 
Number of PCN’s  cancelled (see table  6.5) 1664 11.17%
Total Number of PCN’s issued 14885 -


On Street Parking Contraventions

PCN's issued        
01 Parked in a restricted street during prescribed hours 2190 14.7%
02 Parked or loading/unloading in a restricted street where waiting and loading/unloading restrictions are in force 158 1.1%
12 Parked in a residents or shared use parking place without clearly displaying a permit issued for that place 1747 11.7%
14 Parked in an electric vehicles’ charging place during restricted hours without charging 1 0.0%
16 Parked in a permit space without displaying a valid permit 7 0.0%
21 Parked in a suspended bay or part of a bay 76 0.5%
23 Parked in a parking place not designated for that class of vehicle 570 3.8%
25 Parked in a loading place during restricted hours without loading 13 0.1%
26 Vehicle parked more than 50cms from edge of carriageway and not within designated parking place  10 0.1%
27 Parked adjacent to a dropped footway  321 2.2%
40 Parked in a designated disabled person parking place without clearly displaying a valid disabled persons badge 605 4.1%
42 Parked in a parking place designated for police vehicles 1 0.0%
45 Parked on a taxi rank  74 0.5%
47 Stopped in a restricted bus stop 1 0.0%
48 Stopped in a restricted area outside a school 43 0.3%
49 Parked wholly or partly on a cycle track  3 0%
62 Parked with one or more wheels on part of the road other than between two carriageways  3 0%
63 Parked with engine running where prohibited 1 0%
99 Stopped on a pedestrian crossing or area marked by zigzags 17 0.1%
04 Parked in a meter bay when penalty time is indicated 1 0%
05 Parked after the expiry of paid for time 5 0%
06 Parked without clearly displaying a valid pay & display ticket or voucher 12 0.1%
11 Parked without payment of the parking charge 2 0%
22 Re-parked in the same parking place within one hour of leaving 4 0%
24 Not parked correctly within the markings of a bay/space 32 0.2%
30 Parked for longer than permitted 1664 11.2%


Off Street Parking Contraventions

PCN's issued
73 Parked without payment of the parking charge 145 1.0%
74 Using a vehicle in a parking place in connection with the sale or offering or exposing for sale goods when prohibited 8 0.1%
80 Parking for longer than the maximum period permitted 73 0.5%
81 Parked in a restricted area in a car park 66 0.4%
82 Parked after the expiry of paid for time 1833 12.3%
83 Parked in a car park without clearly displaying a valid pay and display ticket or voucher or parking clock 4055 27.2%
85 Parked in a permit bay without displaying a valid permit  427 2.9%
86 Parked beyond the bay markings 370 2.5%
87 Parked in a disabled persons parking space without clearly displaying a valid disabled persons badge  269 1.8%
90 Re-parked within one hour of leaving a bay or space in a car park 1 0%
91 Parked in a car park not designated for that class of vehicle 54 0.4%
92 Parking causing an obstruction 1 0%
94 Parked in a pay and display car park without displaying two valid pay and display tickets when required 1 0%
95 Parked in a parking place for a purpose other than the designated purpose of the parking place. 20 0.1%

96 Parked with engine running where prohibited 1 0.0%


PCN's Cancelled

  • No of PCN's cancelled as a result of formal representations - Challenge Accepted: 1317 (8.85%)
  • Number of PCN’s cancelled for other reasons (e.g. owner untraceable, CEO error, DVLA unable to provide details): 347 (2.33%)
  • Total cancelled: 1664 (11.18%)


  • Number of PCN issued: 13,045 (2015-16)     14885 (2016-17)
  • Number of PCN’s on street: 6955 (2015-16)      7561 (2016-17)
  • Number of PCN’s off street: 6090 (2015-16)      7324 (2016-17)
  • Number of PCN’s cancelled as %: 16.13%(2015-16) 11.18% (2016-17)

Adjudications decisions made at Traffic Penalty Tribunal 

  • Total number: 18 (2019-20)      14 (2021-22)
  • Appeal dismissed: 12 (67%)  (2019-20)      10 (71%) (2020-21)
  • Appeal accepted: 6 (33%) (2019-20)      4 (29%) (2020-21)

Financial Information

Financial Account

Income and expenditure financial data governed by Section 55 of the Road Traffic Regulations Act 1984 is presented below.

Resident Parking Permits  (Includes Resident and Visitor) £39,511.00 £40,412
Parking Dispensations £5,286.00 £6,060.00
Penalty Charges £412,722.00 £454,069.00
Contributions others LAs - £12,500.00
Total Income £457,519.00 £513,042.00


Employee Costs £238,109.00 £250,762
Premises £72,852.00 £45,280.00
Goods & Services £17,436.00 £18,117
Support & Management £103,946.00 £104,852
Other Payments £53,300.00 £65,520
Capital Charges £7,184.00 £6,487
Total Expenditure £492,828.00 £491,020
(Surplus) / Deficit £35,309.00 (-£22,022)


The financial information provided for this report does not include the off-street activity not governed by the Road Traffic Regulations Act 1984.

Update on 2015 / 2016 Initiatives


Review options for revamping Haverfordwest Multi Storey car park.


Proposals have now been drawn up, final report due to be issued September 2017.


Carry out a review of the impact of introduction of new charges.


Report was submitted to Cabinet in September 2016.


Work collaboratively with PCNPA, supporting them with reviewing and formalising any Parking Order matters, and also developing the potential for closer collaborative working.


Continued collaborative working in 2015/16 and ongoing for 2016/17. Enforcement in PCNP car parks started in 2016 which supported the business case


Work with the Transformation team in the review fees and charges and support the cost recovery approach.


Ongoing. This is a rolling programme with all fees and charges being reviewed


Develop asset management approach to car parks – condition review of car parks, and where resources permit, localised enhancements and improvements.


Surveys undertaken in Autumn 2016 identified forward programme for repairs. Car parks also integrated onto AMX asset module


Review potential for electric car charging in car parks.




Future Development & Initiatives

In 2017/18 a number of initiatives will be considered, either following on from last year’s activity and issues arising or new initiatives, as follows:

  • Instigate revamping of Haverfordwest Multi Storey car park.
  • Work collaboratively with PCNPA, supporting them with reviewing and formalising any Parking Order matters, and also developing the potential for closer collaborative working.
  • Work with the Transformation team in the review fees and charges and support the cost recovery approach.
  • Continue to develop asset management approach to car parks – Ensure all works orders are linked to AMX system
  • Review potential for electric car charging in car parks.
  • Review current car park concessions considering options for new concessions
  • Develop on line permit application system and review current processes. Work with Transformation team to develop New permit process.
  • Review all car parking permits, considering more flexibility


Appendix 1: Resident and Shared Parking Schemes

Broad Haven

  • Marine Road -west side


  • U6006 Dale Fort Road - east side


  • Fishguard
  • Wallis Street –east side
  • Coronation Avenue


  • Bush Row -east side
  • Albany Terrace - parking area
  • Cambrian Place - east Side
  • Cartlett -north side
  • Castle Town Area
  • North Street - west side
  • North Street -east side
  • Holloway -north side
  • Queens Square - central area
  • Crowhill -east side
  • Merlins Hill –north side
  • Hill Street
  • North Crescent - west side
  • Winch Crescent - south side

Milford Haven

  • Milford Haven
  • Robert Street - north and south side


  • Neyland
  • Neyland Hill -south side


  • Woodbine Terrace - south side

Pembroke Dock

  • Apley Terrace - south side
  • Bush Street - north and south side
  • Church Street – west and east side
  • Gordon Street - west side
  • Gwyther Street -west and east side
  • Laws Street - west and east side
  • Lewis Street – west and east side
  • Pembroke Street - west and east side
  • Upper Laws Street - west and east side
  • Upper Meyrick Street - west and east side


  • Augustus Place (serving Nos. 1-10) & (serving Nos. 11-18)
  • Clareston Road - west and south side
  • Culver Park –west and east side
  • Greenhill Avenue –west and east side
  • Weston Terrace -west side
  • Harding Street –north and south side
  • Harries Street -west side
  • Heywood Court -west side
  • Heywood Court - Nos. 74-85 north side Nos.48-64 south side
  • Lower Frog Street -east side
  • Park Place -north and south side
  • Edward Street -south east side
  • Park Terrace - south east side
  • Penally Road - east side
  • Picton Road - west and east side
  • Picton Terrace - west side
  • Queens Parade -west side
  • South Cliff Street -north side
  • St Florence Parade - east side
  • St Johns Hill -north side
  • St Julian’s Street -north west side
  • Sutton Street - east side
  • The Croft - east side
  • The Norton -east side
  • The Paragon - south side
  • Trafalgar Road - north west and south east side
  • Victoria Street - west and east side
  • Warren Street - south side

Shared Use Bay (Limited Waiting 1 hour, no return within 1 hour, Mon-Sat 8am-6pm / Permit holders)

Pembroke Dock

Meyrick Street -west side

Shared Use Bay (Limited Waiting 1 hour, no return within 1 hour 8am – 6pm / Permit holders)


Holloway - north side

North Street -east side

Queens Square -central area

St Davids

New Street –east side




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