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Parking in Pembrokeshire

Car Park Charges

How much does it cost to park?

The charges vary in each car park, there are different charges depending on whether the car park is short or long stay. 

Car park charges

Car Park Charging Policy

Are there any free car parks?

There are a variety of car parks provided by the council some are chargeable others are free.

What is the charging period?

The normal charging period is from 9.00am to 7.00pm

Can I purchase a season ticket for the car parks?

Season Tickets maybe purchased for all long-stay car parks, please contact the Parking section on 01437 764551 or e-mail

Why does the Council operate a Pay and Display system?

The Council has found that this system is the most economical method of controlling the parking provision in its chargeable car parks.

Why do I have to pay for parking?

In addition to raising income to pay for the maintenance of existing, and the provision of new car parks, charges also help to ensure that there is an adequate turnover of parking spaces during the day, which are then available for shoppers and short term visitors. If the Council did not charge the users of the parking facilities, the cost of the maintenance would fall on the Council Taxpayers and visitors using the facilities would make no contribution. Shoppers and short term visitors would also find a shortage of available space particularly in places where a lot of travel to work parking occurs.

Why don't you pay for the car parks maintenance with savings you would make if you no longer needed to employ patrol staff?

Even if parking was free, patrolling would still be required for a number of reasons. In order to provide a regular supply of convenient parking spaces for shoppers during the day, a maximum period of waiting would need to be introduced, and this, together with the disabled persons parking and other regulations would still need to be enforced. Also the patrol staff acts as a deterrent to crime, and identify areas in need of maintenance.

Why can't I pay on exit?

The Council has considered other charging systems. Pay on exit systems involve a barrier at the entrance and exit to the car park which can cause considerable delays, congestion and pollution, particularly if the equipment fails. Barriers can also cause great inconvenience to disabled drivers. For these reasons the Pay and Display system has been considered to be the most suitable for the Council car parks.

Why don't you provide change machines?

Unfortunately, change machines would be an inviting target for theft. The very nature of the machines requires that they be full of cash at all times. Ticket machines, on the other hand, are emptied on a daily basis, ensuring no cash is left in them overnight.

Why don't I get a refund if I pay for half an hour and only stay for five minutes?

The charging structure is such that any stay between the cost increments is the same charge. Therefore the fee for five minutes is the same as that for 30 minutes, and for 1 hour 5 minutes is the same for 2 hours. The Council believes that its fees are competitive by comparison with other neighbouring town centres with similar shopping facilities.

Why can't I pick someone up and drop someone off in the car parks?

You can, but you must ensure that you comply with the parking regulations by stopping in a marked bay and purchasing a parking ticket.The car parks are provided for the off street parking of vehicles. If casual setting down/picking up were to be allowed, congestion problems would be created, causing delays and frustration to car park users.

Pembrokeshire County Council Civil Parking Enforcement – Annual Report 2018/19


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