Parent Partnership Service

Process for excluding children and young people

Whenever a headteacher excludes a pupil, parents must be notified by letter within one school day. The school must also notify its governing body and the local authority within one school day of the exclusion. The letter you get should state that the exclusion is fixed or permanent and should include specific information, such as:

  • the date the exclusion takes effect and any relevant previous history
  • the reasons for the exclusion
  • the arrangements made for your child's education to continue
  • the latest date on which the governing body discipline committee can meet to consider the exclusion (no later than 15 school days from the date when the governing body was notified of the exclusion)
  • an explanation that you have the right to see/have a copy of your child's school record upon written request, and the right to state your case in writing to the governing body, or by attending the meeting where the exclusion is to be considered
  • the person(s) you should contact (e.g. the chair of the school's governing body) if you wish to write, attend the meeting or request your child's school record
  • the name and telephone number of a local authority officer who can offer advice.


ID: 393, revised 31/10/2017