Parent Partnership Service

Fixed and Permanent Exclusions

Pembrokeshire Parent Partnership Service offers advice and information to parents, children and young people on all aspects of school exclusions. This includes advice on both fixed-period and permanent exclusions and what you can do if you are concerned that your child is at risk of exclusion.

Exclusion is the most extreme option that is available to a headteacher when responding to unacceptable pupil behaviour. It involves a pupil being kept away from the school for either a fixed period or permanently.

An exclusion can only be made by:

  • The head teacher of a maintained school
  • The teacher in charge of a pupil referral unit (PRU)
  • A person acting in either of the above roles.

Exclusion is not suitable for minor breaches of school rules, such as:

  • failure to complete homework
  • lateness or truancy
  • Breaches of school uniform rules.

In addition to this, a child cannot be excluded because of poor academic performance.


ID: 388, revised 31/10/2017