Parent Partnership Service

Educational provision during the period of exclusions

Arrangements should be made for your child to continue his or her education, including setting and marking school work. Government guidance (Welsh Government) states that ‘normally' the school and local authority are responsible for ensuring full-time and appropriate education is provided from the sixteenth day of an exclusion exceeding 15 days. It is your responsibility as a parent/carer to make sure that work sent home is completed and returned to school.

Here are some suggested questions that you could ask the headteacher of the school, when your child has been excluded.

1. What is the nature of the allegation against my child?
2. What is the evidence you have obtained that supports this allegation?
3. Which rule in the school behavioural policy has been breached?
4. Who made this decision to exclude my child?
5. What does my child understand by what has happened? Is there anything that I need to explain to him or her?
6. Can you provide me with a copy of my child's educational record?
7. Could you provide me with details of the education that should be provided to my child during this time he or she is not in school?
8. When will the Governing Body Meeting take place?
9. I understand that, as per the guidance, I can bring my child to this meeting, in order that his or her views can be put across?
10. I understand that, as per the Guidance, my child and I can prepare a statement for this meeting?
11. Is there someone who can support me and my child?

ID: 394, revised 31/10/2017