Parent Partnership Service

Childs right to appeal

As a child or a young person with ALN, you have the right to appeal to the Special Educational needs Tribunal for Wales' (SENTW) in respect of:

  • The local authority's decision not to make a statement/carry out a review of educational needs/assess educational needs at the request of the child/young person's parent/change the school named in the statement.
  • The local authority's decision to cease to maintain a statement.
  • The content of the statement.

As a child or young person you may wish to avoid any disagreement with the school or local authority by using the dispute resolution provision.  Using this can sometimes mean an appeal can be avoided.  Alternatively if no solution can be found you can place an appeal directly to SENTW.

As a child or teenager, you may find the information on the Children and Young People page of Special Educational needs Tribunal for Wales' website helpful. 

If you want, you can ask an adult to help you with your appeal.  You could ask a family member or an Inclusion Support Worker who will be assigned to the family when a request for appeal is made.

Advice and information about the statutory process or disability discrimination appeal will be provided in a manner appropriate for a child or young person which includes the child's right to appeal.


ID: 397, revised 31/10/2017