Parent Partnership Service

Pembrokeshire Parent Partnership Service

Trying to get the best advice and help for your child's additional learning needs can be a confusing and emotional experience. The thought of working with the school, Local Authority and other professionals can be a daunting prospect. Emily Perl Kingsley describes her story of raising her child with additional needs as "when you are going to have a baby planning a trip to Italy and ending up in Holland".

Pembrokeshire Parent Partnership Service is here to help parent carers of children with Additional Learning Needs by providing information, advice and support.
We provide a free, confidential and impartial service for all parents and carers of children with additional learning needs in Pembrokeshire.

We can offer the advice, information and guidance necessary for you to make the right choices for your child from our team of Inclusion Support Workers who work directly with families, early years and school settings across the north, south and central parts of the county.

In addition an officer is in place to support the voice of the child when making decisions about their specialist provision.
Support is also offered to families via a helpline or this website which provides information and advice for parents.


ID: 301, revised 15/02/2017