Overview and Scrutiny

Social Care Committee

The Committee will scrutinise the quality and performance of all Social Care related services delivered by the Council.

The remit and scope of the Committee in relation to Social Care related services is as follows:

  • Adult Care
  • Children’s Services
  • Strategic Joint Commissioning
  • Carers
  • Integrated services and well-being
  • Domiciliary Care
  • Work with the Third Sector
  • Compliance with the Social Services and Well-being Act
  • West Wales Care Partnership
  • Regional Safeguarding
  • Regional Fostering
  • Regional Adoption

The Committee has 13 members and will meet at least five times per year. Details of Committee members and future meetings, along with the Committee Work Programme, can be found below.

Social Care Overview and Scrutiny Committee


15 June 2023

One-off Committee Items

  • Item: Working with the 3rd Sector
  • Purpose: To understand and consider 3rd Sector provision.
  • Item: Strategy for Keeping Families Together (previously known as LAC Reduction Strategy) and Action Plan
  • Purpose: To monitor the strategy and progress of the Action Plan

Standing / Re-occurring Items

  • Item: Update from the West Wales Regional Partnership Board
  • Purpose: Performance and delivery of the schemes funded via the Regional Integration Fund (RIF)
  • Item: Overview and Scrutiny Annual Report
  • Purpose: Annual report on Overview and Scrutiny Committee work 2022-23


14 September 2023

One-off Committee Items

  • Item: Collaboration between PCC and HB 
  • Purpose: An update of the work that has progressed between the Cabinet Member for Social Care and Safeguarding, the Interim Director of Social Care and Housing, the newly appointed Director of Social Care and Housing and the Health Board.

Standing / Re-occurring Items

  • Item: Safeguarding
  • Purpose: To have ongoing scrutiny and oversight to ensure that adequate measures are in place to comply with our statutory duties to safeguard and promote the welfare of children, young people and vulnerable adults.


9 November 2023

One-off Committee Items

  • Item: Pembrokeshire Community Health Council (CHC) 
  • Purpose: Update and feedback from the CHC together with a representative

Standing / Re-occurring Items




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