Overview and Scrutiny

Public Engagement

Section 62 of the Local Government (Wales) Measure 2011 allows for anyone who lives or works in Pembrokeshire to bring to the attention of the relevant Overview and Scrutiny Committee their views on any matter under consideration by the Committee. 

Forward work programmes detailing matters that each Committee will be considering can be accessed via the links below.  An Overview and Scrutiny Committee must, when exercising its functions, take into account any views brought to its attention.

A form is available for this purpose.

In order to encourage those who live and work in the county to become more involved in the Scrutiny process in Pembrokeshire, a form has also been developed whereby members of the public can suggest issues for Overview and Scrutiny Committees to consider.  This form, ‘Suggest topics for consideration by an Overview and Scrutiny Committee' can also be accessed via the link below.  For this reason, forward work programmes are designed to be flexible and may change to accommodate any issues that arise which are within the remit of Overview and Scrutiny Committees.

A protocol for public speaking at Overview and Scrutiny Committee meetings has been developed and is accessible via the link at the bottom of this page.

Bringing views to the attention of an Overview and Scrutiny Committee

Suggest topics for consideration by an Overview and Scrutiny Committee  

Information Notice for Overview and Scrutiny Committees

Protocol for Public Speaking 

Protocol for Public Speaking - Flowchart 

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