Overview and Scrutiny

Policy & Pre-decision Committee

The role of the Policy and Pre-decision Overview and Scrutiny Committee is to review and scrutinise policies, plans and strategies prior to decision by Cabinet.

The Committee will undertake pre-decision scrutiny or order to contribute to the quality and robustness of Cabinet decision-making.  A further function of the Committee is to ensure that Cabinet decision making is compliant with the Well-being of Future Generations (Wales) Act 2015 and takes account of the ‘sustainable development' principle and 5 ways of working (long term, preventative, involving, collaborative and integrated) as well as other statutory requirements as appropriate (e.g. Equality Act 2010).  It will also ensure non-executive Member involvement in the Council’s budget policy and planning framework through a standing Finance Panel.

The remit and scope of the Committee is as follows:

  • Cabinet forward work programme
  • Proposals for service changes, transformation and / or efficiencies
  • Integrated Impact Assessments
  • Strategies and plans, as appropriate
  • Development of and planning for annual budget and Council Tax proposals through the Finance Panel

The Committee has 13 members and will meet at least five times per year. Details of Committee members and future meetings, along with the Committee Work Programme can be found via the links below. 

Policy and Pre decision overview and scrutiny committee

Terms of Reference - Policy and Pre-Decision Committee  

Work Programme 2020-21 - Policy and Pre-decision Committee

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