Overview and Scrutiny

Partnerships Committee

The role of the Partnerships Overview and Scrutiny Committee is to review and scrutinise activity where the Council works in partnership or collaboratively with other agencies.

The Committee will act as the committee designated with responsibility for scrutinising the activity of the Public Services Board (PSB) as required under the Well-being of Future Generations (Wales) Act 2015.  The Committee will also scrutinise, where appropriate, where the Council works in partnership to deliver or commission services.  It will also provide oversight where the Council works collaboratively with partners at a regional or national level.  This is also the designated Committee for Crime and Disorder matters in accordance with section 19(1) of the Police and Justice Act 2006.

The remit and scope of the Committee in relation to PSB and other scrutiny is as follows;


  • Development and production of a local Well-being Assessment
  • Development and production of a Well-being Plan
  • PSB Annual Plan
  • PSB activity and progress in delivering priorities
  • Requiring any member or invited participant of the PSB to attend and give evidence (but only in relation to the exercise of joint functions undertaken by them as members of the PSB)



  • Joint Working Register (strategic partnerships)
  • Joint Strategic Commissioning
  • Statutory Partnerships (e.g. Community Safety Partnership)

The Committee has 13 members and 4 co-opted members in relation to Crime and Disorder matters.  There is also the option for the Committee to co-opt other partner or citizen representatives to undertake scrutiny of the PSB.  The Committee will meet at least five times per year and details of Committee members and future meetings can be found via the link below. 

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Terms of Reference - Partnerships Overview and Scrutiny Committee

Work Programme - Partnerships

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