Our Courses

English for the speakers of other languages (ESOL)

If you've moved to live or work in the UK and want to improve your English, ESOL classes are for you.

There are classes to help if you have little or no English, and classes to help if you want to improve your English to study.

  • Beginners (pre entry and Entry 1) if you have little or no English
  • Literacy for ESOL - extra help with reading and writing
  • Entry 2/3 - you know a little English and want to learn more
  • Entry 3/Level 1 - improve your English Language skills
  • Citizenship - learn about life in the UK and get ready for your speaking and listening test for citizenship
  • English Language English Testing System (IELTS) - get ready for the IELTS examination

For further information phone 0808 100 3302

Beginners and Literacy for ESOL are FREE, except for an OCN exam fee of £4 each term.

There is a charge for other courses

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