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Our Courses

Digital Skills

Whether you are looking for work or leisure we have the computer course for you.

Introductory Level Courses such as Digital Literacy - First Steps are perfect for the complete beginner or try one of our developing skills courses if you just want to expand your skills further.

Digital employability - The new Digital Employability qualification covers the digital skills that learners need to apply for jobs, to work in a 21st century environment and to participate as digital citizens. The course will cover the core knowledge needed to use IT in different contexts, particularly in the workplace. It will enable users to use the Internet effectively and safely, work with different devices and process data.

Digital literacy - More skills - To enable learners to work and communicate online in a safe and responsible manner with an awareness of their personal digital footprint.  Interact safely online, learn how to protect your personal information and use security to protect your digital devices and information.

Digital literacy - Skills for life -How to find and assess digital information in an ever changing world.  Develop skills to organise, store, share and protect your digital information, be creative using a variety of digital tools.

For those with a little experience we run classes which cover topics such as using a computer to trace your family tree, creating a website, buying and selling online, social networking such as Facebook and how to use an iPad. Not sure what to do with your digital photos we have a range of Digital Imaging courses to help you.

Many of the courses including our Microsoft Office Skills, ECDL level 1, ECDL Essentials and Extra course lead to the ITQ qualification. ITQ is a flexible way of gaining new computer skills and a valuable qualification at the same time, whether it is to improve your job prospects or just to help you feel more comfortable using a computer in your spare time.

If you already have some IT knowledge, then don't worry. We'll take into account any recognised qualifications you may already have so that you don't have to go over topics you already understand.

Don’t have time for a long course? Then why not try one of our many half day taster workshops.

Don’t see what you are looking for? Please ring Community IT on 01437 770130 or email to discuss your requirements with our friendly team.

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