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Springboard is a Learning Pembrokeshire project which runs a wide range of fun, free and exciting courses for adults and families in targeted areas.

Why join Springboard? Learning Pembrokeshire Springboard

Through joining one of our courses you and your family can have fun, learn new skills, meet new people, and open up your horizons.  

What kinds of courses can you do? 

Springboard's courses are designed for adults and families to have fun while learning. From Bread Baking to Beauty Makeovers, Carpentry to Cooking, and Singing to Site Safety... if it helps you and your family get the most out of learning, we'll run it!  

Where can I view the current timetables? 

To see the current Springboard timetables for all Springboard areas, please go to our Facebook page Springboard Pembrokeshire Facebook (opens new window)  

Who can take part?

Springboard's courses are open to adults who have a child in their family attending one of our partner schools.

What schools do we work in partnership with?     

Springboard currently works in partnership with 11 schools in Pembrokeshire.

When do Springboard activities run?

Springboard runs a different programme of activities either side of every half term. Our morning and afternoon sessions are perfectly timed to fit into the school day.     

Where do our activities take place? 

Springboard courses take place in the heart of your community either through your local community school or at a local community venue close by!   

Is there help with childcare?

Subject to demand and availability Springboard can provide free crèche services for children over 6 weeks old to make it easier for you to get involved!

How can I take part?   

It's easy to get involved. Just text, call or email the Springboard Co-ordinator.

Laura Phillips, Springboard Co-ordinator
Tel: 07500 918 050,
E-mail: laura.phillips@pembrokeshire.gov.uk

Facebook: Springboard Pembrokeshire Facebook (opens new window)  

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People want to learn Welsh for various reasons, but most just want to become proficient in the language. If you decide to learn Welsh you could become one of the hundreds of people who succeed in becoming fluent Welsh speakers every year.

Learning Welsh is a lot of fun and any would be student who may-be worried about coping with grammar, can be assured that the emphasis today is firmly on spoken Welsh and on using the language from the very beginning.

Please go to learnwelsh.cymru for more information or call us on 01437 770180 for advice.

Before you search for a course, there are two important things you should consider: choose the right level and the right pace.

Choosing the right level

All courses are named in accordance with the national progression framework for Welsh for adults, which consists of 5 levels:

  • Entry - courses for beginners. The emphasis is on conversational Welsh - discussing personal details and past events are among the topics covered.
  • Foundation - expand on your speaking skills. Family, work and hobbies are among the topics covered.
  • Intermediate - the emphasis is still on speaking, but a little more writing, reading and listening is introduced. You should feel comfortable holding a conversation on everyday topics by the end of this level.
  • Advanced - still concentrating on oral skills, you'll also be gradually introduced to Welsh radio, television and newspapers. These courses also help you write competently.
  • Proficiency - courses for people who speak Welsh fluently (as a first or second language) who wish to improve their command of the language.

Choose the Right Pace

The best way to learn a language is to immerse yourself in it, so you should consider going for the most intensive course that you can devote your time to.

As a beginner, you have the option of working at a leisurely pace on courses meeting once a week, or more intensively with two classes a week.

Courses meeting once a week usually cover one of the above levels over two years (three years at Uwch/Advanced) and the more intensive courses cover one level a year. The two paths usually merge as you progress to the higher levels.

Welsh at Work

If you work in Wales, the ability to speak Welsh will give you a definite advantage, and could lead to a promotion or a better job.

More and more employers view the Welsh language as a skill needed in the workplace, especially within the public sector where there is requirement and demand for a bi-lingual service.

Every year scores of people attend Welsh classes to improve their career prospects, and this is why:

  • Employees with bilingual skills are more likely to earn between 8 and 10% more than those with no bilingual skills
  • Welsh language skills are an important asset in all public sector organisations
  • As the number of Welsh speakers continues to increase, demand for service through the medium of Welsh will also grow

Welsh for the Family

As more and more children get the advantages of a bi-lingual education and learning Welsh at school, many parents and other family members want to get in on the act. Many of our courses are arranged at times and venues that suit parents and we also offer specific courses enabling you to learn some Welsh that you can use with the children.

Progressing - Examinations

Many Welsh learners find that gaining a qualification is a good way to monitor their progress and is a useful incentive to do some revision!

The WJEC offer four levels of qualification for adults who are learning Welsh, in the ‘Defnyddio'r Gymraeg' series. The levels are Entry, Foundation, Intermediate and Advanced.

Day Courses

Once your course has started you can also boost your learning programme by attending the one-day and block courses held on Saturdays and Sundays. (Sadwrn Siarad; Cwrs Pasg; Cwrs Haf) at our Community Learning Centres.

Tuition is provided at all levels and the number of contact hours is equivalent to that gained in at least two evening classes. Other weekend and longer courses are also available.

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Essential Skills

Would you like to improve your reading, writing, spelling or maths? Or do you know someone who would benefit from individual support?

Learning Pembrokeshire provides FREE classes for adults throughout Pembrokeshire.

Everyone is offered a confidential interview before joining a class. An Individual Learning Plan will be agreed, so you can work at a pace that suits you, in a relaxed and friendly environment.  

We can support learners with severe learning difficulties, through to those who just need to brush up or want help to work towards a GCSE or NVQ.

To join a class we would like to talk to you first

Ring 0808 100 3302

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English for the speakers of other languages (ESOL)

If you've moved to live or work in the UK and want to improve your English, ESOL classes are for you.

There are classes to help if you have little or no English, and classes to help if you want to improve your English to study.

  • Beginners (pre entry and Entry 1) if you have little or no English
  • Entry 2/3 - you know a little English and want to learn more
  • Entry 3/Level 1 - improve your English Language skills

For further information phone 0808 100 3302

Beginner classes are FREE.  There is a charge for other courses.

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Health and well-being

Learning Pembrokeshire offers a wide variety of courses which can contribute to your health and well-being.

If you're looking to relax and unwind, as well as improve your suppleness, we offer gentle exercise, movement to music, pilates, tai chi and yoga classes. Or for something a little different why not have a go at bellydance?

On a more practical note we also run first aid and food hygiene courses, both of which can lead to a qualification.

Our Living Sustainably and Leisure Workshops provide plenty of opportunity for discussion and are a great way to explore and gain a greater understanding of these subjects.

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Other Skills and Activities

Creative and performance skills

If you've every dreamt of being able to dance, play an instrument, write a book or paint a picture . . .

Or maybe you want to get to grips with your digital camera and resizing or retouching your photos . . .

Or perhaps you long to be creative in other ways: making your own jewellery, greetings cards or ceramics. . .

Maybe you just want to have fun and meet new people . . .

Whatever your particular interest, Learning Pembrokehire's small and friendly creative and performance skills classes can help raise confidence in your chosen field and help you fulfil your ambitions!

Courses are suitable for complete beginners, as well as those who want to develop and practice their skills.

General interest

We aim to provide a wide range of courses to suit all our customers - Pembrokeshire residents and businesses. Whether you want to develop new skills and interests, work towards a qualification or enhance your career prospects, our courses provide the ideal opportunity.

This section covers a wide range of courses catering for people who want to develop skills in popular hobbies and pastimes areas, as well as some more specialist interests.

Our practical courses include brickwork, plumbing and woodwork, as well as navigation skills - which can be studied to RYA qualification level.

You'll also find courses on traditional photography (for digital photography and image manipulation search under IT/Computing), poetry and history.

We offer a choice of history courses, including local history, national history and, the more practical tracing your family tree - for those keen to uncover their origins.

We also offer a lip-reading course for those who wish to assist the hearing impaired or who suffer from a hearing impairment themselves.

Modern languages 

Learning a new language can be both fun and rewarding.  You may be planning a holiday abroad or it may be the first step to a new life in a foreign country.  Whatever your reasons,  Learning Pembrokeshire offers a wide range of language courses to suit everyone - from the complete beginner to the more advanced learner.

What languages can I learn?

Courses are currently available in the following languages:

  • French
  • German
  • Italian
  • Spanish

How do I know what level I need?

Holiday courses:  These courses aim to provide you with survival skills essential to help you enjoy and make the most of your stay in a foreign speaking country.  You will develop a practical understanding of the basics of the language and learn to communicate successfully.

Year 1:  This course aims to give you a basic understanding of the structure of the language and to enable you to use the language effectively in a number of everyday situations.  This course is suitable for those who have little or no knowledge of the language

Year 2:  This course aims to develop your understanding of the language. It will help to deal confidently with a range of situations and converse on a range of topics, including the past and the future.  Students should have followed a course at introductory level or should have some experience of studying/speaking the language

Year 3:  This intermediate level course is aimed at those who have a firm basic knowledge of the language.  It will help you to develop communication skills using a range of tenses, grammar and vocabulary.  Students should have completed a course at introductory level or should have 1-2 years experience of studying the language

Year 4:  This course will help you to develop your language skills even further, through the study of advanced grammar; contemporary text and recordings, and other aspects of modern culture.  Classes will give you the opportunity to improve fluency and comprehension in an open and friendly atmosphere.  Students should have studied the language for a minimum of 2-3 years

Year 5:  This advanced level course is aimed at those who have studied the language for 3-4 years and wish to practise their speaking, listening, reading and writing skills in the language at an advanced level

What qualifications are available?

Although some classes are accredited, not all classes lead to a formal qualification.   However, your tutor will give you regular feedback about your progress, providing you with an individual learning plan to record your personal goals and achievements.

How long is the course?

Language courses run for between one and two hours a week, over three terms of ten weeks each.  Holiday courses tend to run over one or two terms only.

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 Earning qualifications can help you move on in your existing career, or take your first steps towards a new job or a more advanced course of study.

It can sometimes be difficult to make time to gain new qualifications, especially if you are already juggling the demands of work and family. By providing courses in local venues and at different times throughout the day, Learning Pembrokeshire can help make it easier for you. 

In the UK, qualifications are awarded by a range of different organisations.

Learning Pembrokeshire currently provides courses leading to qualifications which are awarded by the following organisations:

We also offer courses leading to qualifications in First Aid and Food Safety.

Agored Cymru provides accreditation for practical, bite-sized courses.  Learning Pembrokeshire offers this accreditation in a variety of skills such as digital and computer skills, numeracy, literacy, communication and English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL).

British Computer Society (BCS)

European Computer Driving Licence (ECDL) has become very well recognised, and shows that you are competent to ‘drive' a computer.  Learning Pembrokeshire offers ECDL level 1, ECDL Essentials, ECDL Extra and ECDL Advanced.

ECDL level 1 – Word processing, Spreadsheet and Presentation units are available.

ECDL Essentials (level 1) teaches you how to manage the risks associated with computer use, such as spam and identity theft, how to organise your computer, and how to use the internet and email.

ECDL Extra (level 2) broadens your knowledge of specific software packages to produce professional documents, spreadsheets, and presentations.

ECDL Advanced (level 3) shows that you are confident, competent and efficient in a range of different computer programmes. There are four modules word processing, spreadsheets, databases and presentations, with an individual certificate available for each. Candidates achieving all four earn an ECDL expert certificate.

Oxford Cambridge and RSA Examinations (OCR)

A leading UK body, OCR provide a wide range of qualifications to meet the needs of learners of all ages and abilities.

Digital employability - The new Digital Employability qualification covers the digital skills that learners need to apply for jobs, to work in a 21st century environment and to participate as digital citizens. They’ll gain the core knowledge they need to use IT in different contexts, particularly in the workplace. They’ll know how to use the Internet effectively and safely, work with different devices and process data.

ITQ user qualifications

We currently provide this qualification mainly through OCR but we also use units offered by BSC and the National Open College Network. You will be able to choose from a variety of units created by the various awarding bodies. ITQ user qualifications are:

  • efficient for learners and employers - you can get credit for recent prior learning, so no valuable time is wasted in reviewing skills you already have
  • relevant and up-to-date
  • flexible enough to meet the needs of individual learners and businesses and enable learners to work at level 1, 2 or 3 to achieve an award, certificate or diploma

Examples of units are:

  • Word processing
  • Spreadsheets
  • Database
  • Presentation
  • Communication
  • Publications

More units are added all the time. You can join a course at any time throughout the year at a level suitable for you. 

Royal Yachting Association (RYA)

Learning Pembrokeshire currently offers RYA Day Skipper Shorebased and RYA Coastal Skipper / Yachtmaster Offshore qualifications in certain centres.

Recognised Training Centre (RTC):
Fishguard Community Learning Centre, Ysgol Bro Gwaun, Fishguard SA65 9DT

There are also two satellite centres:
Pembroke Dock Community Learning Centre, Albion Square, Pembroke Dock SA72 6XF and Tenby Community Learning Centre, Greenhill Avenue, Tenby SA70 7LB

Welsh Joint Education Committee (WJEC)

General Certificate of Secondary Education (GCSE)

If you missed out on these, or wish to improve on your grades, we provide a chance to take English, Mathematics, French, German and Science.  We also offer English at A and AS level


Many Welsh learners find that gaining a qualification is a good way to monitor their progress and a useful incentive to do some revision! 

The WJEC offer four levels of qualifications for adults who are learning Welsh, in the "Defnyddio'r Gymraeg" series.  The levels are Entry, Foundation, Intermediate and Advanced. 


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Courses for Businesses

What services does the Learning Pembrokeshire Community IT Business Unit offer?

The Learning Pembrokeshire Community IT Business Unit has been specifically set up to support and provide training to local businesses. 

For up to date information regarding the current programme and charges, please telephone Learning Pembrokeshire Community IT on 01437 770130.

Computer Classes

Learning Pembrokeshire Community IT offer a wide range of short courses suitable for those in business or starting in business. Classes are small and friendly with the emphasis on practical work and there are no examinations to worry about.

We also offer a range of course lengths - from half-day workshops to 5 or 10-week programmes.

These courses are run regularly in our Community IT Learning Centres in:

  • Bloomfield House, Narberth
  • Crymych
  • Fishguard e-Learning Centre
  • Haverfordwest
  • Pembroke 
  • Tenby

Alternatively, training can be arranged onsite at your business premises.

Computer Training Advice

Learning Pembrokeshire is available to advise businesses on their training needs. If you would like help and advice on identifying and arranging suitable training for your staff, please contact 01437 770130. This service is free of charge.

Bespoke Training

Customised training can be arranged to suit the needs of your business. This could be at one of the Learning Pembrokeshire Centres or at your premises using your own equipment.

Please contact Learning Pembrokeshire Community IT on 01437 770130 to discuss your requirements.

Access to facilities and computer equipment

E-Learning Centres at Crymych and Fishguard offer a range of facilities and learning opportunities. The e-learning centres offer:

  • Training and educational courses - traditional or on-line
  • Drop-in centre for IT/Internet Access
  • Broadband Internet access
  • Video-editing suite
  • Video-conferencing facilities
  • A venue for meetings, events and conferences
  • A community facility with the most up to-date technology for everyone to use

IT facilities are also available in other venues throughout Pembrokeshire - please ask for details.

Guidance - we can help you

  • Can't find the right course?
  • Confused by what is on offer?
  • Want help in deciding what course is right for you?
  • Want to increase or gain qualifications?

Learning Pembrokeshire Community IT provides an extensive range of IT courses and progression routes to suit all abilities.

If you would like help and advice choosing a course, please do not hesitate to ring Narberth on 01437 770130.

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Our Courses

We aim to provide a wide range of courses to suit all our customers - Pembrokeshire residents and businesses. If you want to develop new skills and interests, work towards a qualification or enhance your career prospects, our courses provide the ideal local opportunity.

Courses are held at many different locations around the County, making it easier than ever to find a time and venue that suits you. We are also able to provide bespoke training for businesses; whether it be for one person or an entire organisation, we can tailor training to meet specific needs.

Search for Courses

Courses through the medium of Welsh

In order to make it viable for us to us to run courses we need a minimum number of people to take part. Our aim is to provide courses bilingually wherever possible. When you enquire about taking part in a course we will ask you if you would prefer to take part exclusively in Welsh. We will provide courses exclusively in Welsh when numbers reach the minimum level.

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Digital Skills

Whether you are looking for work or leisure we have the computer course for you.

Introductory Level Courses such as Digital Literacy - First Steps are perfect for the complete beginner or try one of our developing skills courses if you just want to expand your skills further.

Digital employability - The new Digital Employability qualification covers the digital skills that learners need to apply for jobs, to work in a 21st century environment and to participate as digital citizens. The course will cover the core knowledge needed to use IT in different contexts, particularly in the workplace. It will enable users to use the Internet effectively and safely, work with different devices and process data.

Digital literacy - More skills - To enable learners to work and communicate online in a safe and responsible manner with an awareness of their personal digital footprint.  Interact safely online, learn how to protect your personal information and use security to protect your digital devices and information.

Digital literacy - Skills for life -How to find and assess digital information in an ever changing world.  Develop skills to organise, store, share and protect your digital information, be creative using a variety of digital tools.

For those with a little experience we run classes which cover topics such as using a computer to trace your family tree, creating a website, buying and selling online, social networking such as Facebook and how to use an iPad. Not sure what to do with your digital photos we have a range of Digital Imaging courses to help you.

Many of the courses including our Microsoft Office Skills, ECDL level 1, ECDL Essentials and Extra course lead to the ITQ qualification. ITQ is a flexible way of gaining new computer skills and a valuable qualification at the same time, whether it is to improve your job prospects or just to help you feel more comfortable using a computer in your spare time.

If you already have some IT knowledge, then don't worry. We'll take into account any recognised qualifications you may already have so that you don't have to go over topics you already understand.

Don’t have time for a long course? Then why not try one of our many half day taster workshops.

Don’t see what you are looking for? Please ring Community IT on 01437 770130 or email communityit.learning@pembrokeshire.gov.uk to discuss your requirements with our friendly team.

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