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To sign up for email and text notifications follow the simple steps below

  1. Login to My Account 
  2. Click on 'My Details' (drop down is by your username) and select 'My Notifications'
  3. Select as many notifications from the list as you’d like to receive.

Don’t forget to check we have the correct email and mobile number for you

  1. Login to My Account
  2. Click the 'My details' (drop down is by your username)
  3. Click 'My Contact Details' 
  4. Check/Edit/add your emails address and/or mobile number
  5. Click 'Save Changes' at the bottom of the page

* Add your mobile number to activate our SMS notification service

Frequently Asked Questions

Who will the email come from?

Emails will be sent from so please make sure this is added to your safe list

Can I reply to these emails?

No, replies to this email address will not be picked up. If you need to email us please use the main email address

Can I opt out of receiving notifications?

Yes, simply log into My Account, click on ‘My Services’ and select ‘My Notifications’. Then turn off the notifications you no longer wish to receive.

Will I get charged to receive text messages?

No, the service is completely free for our customers to receive messages although the initial text you send to 'Notify' will be charged at your standard network rate.

Who will the text message come from?

The text message will come from PembsCC.

Can I respond to the text?

No, unfortunately we cannot accept replies to text messages sent from PembsCC.

What else will you use my details for?

Nothing! We will only use your email address and/or mobile number to send you the notifications you have requested. We never pass on your details to anyone else.

Why am I receiving texts about my housing repairs report?

As part of our service improvements, we want to make sure we keep you informed every step of the way. By sending you a text we can let you know

  • That your report has been received
  • Your reference number
  • The time and date we or one of our contractors will call at the property

We will also send you a reminder the day before your appointment to remind you that we will be calling, and a feedback form once the job is completed so you can tell us how we did

How can I use SMS to find out about my bin collections?

Text BIN DAY to 07860064551 to return details on your next bin collection (this will return next collection date and items for collection)

Text CHRISTMAS WASTE COLLECTIONS to 07860064551 to check if you are affected by the Christmas & New Year’s collection changes. (this will return a list of collection date changes but not a list of items for collection)

ID: 2753, revised 26/01/2023