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Work underway on safest way to re-open leisure centres

Detailed work is underway on planning the safest way to re-open Pembrokeshire’s leisure centres - once the Covid-19 restrictions are lifted.

No date has yet been set for the re-opening of the centres.

“We are working hard to ensure that all the necessary procedures are in place when the time comes to open our centres again,” said Julie Ashley-Jones, Business Improvement Manager at Pembrokeshire Leisure.

As part of the planning process, members of the public are being asked to fill in a short survey about the leisure service.

Questions include whether customers would like more outdoor or online courses and what would encourage them to visit a leisure centre more often after they have re-opened.

“The team at Pembrokeshire Leisure are committed to re-establishing a safe and enjoyable environment once restrictions are lifted and your input into these plans would be invaluably received,” said Julie.

 The survey can be completed at

Pembrokeshire Leisure is the leisure services team at Pembrokeshire County Council.





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