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Use Of Face Coverings In Pembs. Secondary Schools

Pembrokeshire County Council will require all staff and learners in secondary schools to carry face coverings with them.

They will be expected to use them in communal areas and corridors in line with the school’s own risk assessment.

In primary school settings staff will be expected to use face coverings in communal areas and corridors, again in line with the school’s risk assessment.

The Council’s Cabinet Member for Education and Lifelong Learning, Guy Woodham, said: “Following Welsh Government advice provided on Wednesday (26th August), we would now be grateful if everyone would support these changes aimed at limiting the spread of Covid-19 and protecting everyone in the Pembrokeshire education community.

“If parents are able to provide their child with a reusable face covering that would be a great help although these will be made available for everyone at all schools and on school transport where needed.

“Together with the measures already in place in schools, these new measures will enhance the protection against the risk of Covid-19.

“We hope everyone will support this decision and help reinforce the message on the use of face coverings - especially with learners - along with the importance of social distancing and regular handwashing.”

The County Council announced earlier this week that it would be mandatory for all secondary school pupils and college students to wear face coverings while travelling on education transport.

ID: 6881, revised 28/08/2020